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Deontay Wilder ‘knocked out’ after veteran heavyweight disrespect

Deontay Wilder disrespected a veteran heavyweight before being planted on the canvas in one of the most debated knockdowns of his career.

“The Bronze Bomber” fought Harold Sconiers in 2010 and eventually won via stoppage in four. The victory preserved his record of beating every opponent faced within four rounds.

Deontay Wilder’ knocked out’

However, no video of the fight exists in which Wilder was dropped badly early on. Many fans witnessing the clash inside the Fantasy Springs Casino arena in Indio stated at the time that Wilder was down longer than ten seconds and saved by the referee.

But before that drama happened, Sconiers was a late call-up for Wilder. Drafted in at a few days’ notice, the American recalls his first meeting with the future WBC heavyweight champion.

“At the weigh-in, we show up,” Sconiers told SportBible. “We’re face to face as they have us do. At some point, Wilder takes [it] upon himself to. He kind of leers over me and pushes his chest up into my face.

“He just pushes his nose down to my face. And what I really felt was a disrespectful way. It was really disrespectful, over-the-top intimidation technique.

“I know he’s the young hotshot. He’s got to try and sell the tickets, but I felt that was out of line.”


On being the elder statesman of the pair, Sconiers expected things to be a bit more amicable with far less animosity.

“In my mind, I’m thinking, ‘Who does this young kid think he is?’ Like, I’ve had all these fights. I’ve been around the block more times than he can probably count, with better competition than him.

“He’s just starting out and trying to make his way. Who does he think he is to step up to me like that?

“Yeah, I’m coming in as the opponent, but don’t show me that kind of disrespect. I have nothing against Wilder. Now I really applaud his rise to the top after our fight and how he was able to sustain that.

“I think it’s awesome, but at that moment, him maybe being a little hotblooded, a little young and naive, I said that was a bit disrespectful,” he concluded.

Wilder went from strength to strength after that victory and has only lost to Tyson Fury since. His next bout is expected to be against Andy Ruiz Jr. in the spring of next year.

Regarding Sconiers, he retired seven bouts from the Wilder knockout, having won just once against Jameel McCline in 2012.

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