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Home » Boxing News: Errol Spence out after crash / Regis Prograis avoided

Boxing News: Errol Spence out after crash / Regis Prograis avoided

World Boxing News updates the latest developments for current world champions Errol Spence Jr. and Regis Prograis.

Spence Jr. commented that the injuries from his car accident would delay his return to the ring longer than expected.

On December 10, he suffered a traffic accident. Even though it was not as severe as the one he suffered in 2019, he stated that the injuries would delay his return to the ring, and he must recover 100% before resuming his training.

“I was going to announce my next fight three or four days after my accident. But my body started to ache, and I had to postpone everything,” he commented in an interview with Showtime, adding:

“I’ll probably come back in April, May, or June. I have to talk to my team and be physically and mentally one hundred percent.

“I’ve had worse accidents. We are going to make it happen.”

Boxing News – Regis Prograis

The WBC has received official confirmation that Jose Carlos Ramirez has decided to withdraw from fighting against WBC champion Regis Prograis, a fight that The WBC mandated.

Several years ago, Prograis and Ramirez were set to clash for the vacant WBC super lightweight championship after Terrence Crawford decided to move to welterweight. Regis Prograis entered the WBSS representing The WBC, and Ramirez fought Amir Imam for the vacant title, precisely on the 2000th fight in the history of the WBC.

Each fighter took their path in which they both enjoyed great success.

When Josh Taylor relinquished his WBC title earlier this year, The WBC ordered Jose Zepeda to fight Ramirez for the vacant title and the winner to fight Prograis, who had won a final elimination bout. Ramirez withdrew from fighting Zepeda as he had his long overdue wedding, which was postponed due to covid pandemic.

The WBC ordered Zepeda to fight Prograis, and it was a sensational fight crowning Regis.

The WBC has supported Jose Carlos Ramirez for many years in boxing and outside the ring. He is an ambassador of goodwill with exemplary social responsibility programs as a community leader. We wish him good luck in his future, both inside and outside the ring.

It is crucial to outline that The WBC followed its rules, and had Ramirez won the title vs. Zepeda and faced Prograis as champion, the split would have been 70-30 in his favor. The WBC supported him, appointed him a mandatory contender, and modified the purse split to 65-35. His decision to withdraw is respected.

The WBC will give Regis Prograis a voluntary defense until we can analyze the future steps in the division.

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