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You Can Bet On Boxing and MMA In Maryland and Soon In Ohio

Betting markets in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and boxing are live online now in Maryland and will be in Ohio soon. All residents 21 and older and physically in the state of Maryland can take advantage and wager on the MMA and other combat sports.

Fortunately, there are virtually always MMA and boxing cards to bet on. Sportsbooks already have odds up for the next big Main Event, UFC 284 in Perth Australia on February 11th. Islam Makhachev will look to hold onto his UFC Lightweight Championship against current UFC Featherweight Champion Alexander Volkanovski. The current odds are -325 on Makhachev vs +255 on Volkanovski. 

Betting apps also offer up plenty of action on boxing. In the past, WBC Heavyweight champ Tyson Fury fought Derek Chisora across the pond at Tottenham Stadium in London. There was also a Super Flyweight unified title bout between Juan Francisco Estrada and Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, which bettors in Maryland wagered on. The next time those fighters go at it will result in Ohio bettors wagering as well. 

Apps in Maryland, and Ohio sports betting apps in the New Year, offer multiple ways to bet on MMA and Boxing. The bigger the match, the more ways to wager. Here are a few ways to bet.

Moneyline Betting

This is a bet on the winner of the fight and is always available if there are posted odds. Sometimes boxing matches include a three-way bet with a “draw” option in addition to the two way money line that returns the initial stake in the case of a draw. Looking back at Fury/Chisora, some sportsbooks had Fury at -2000 vs +875 on Chisora on the two-way and Fury -2000, Chisora +1000 and Draw +2500 on the two-way. Since a very small percentage of UFC and Bellator matches end in a draw, sportsbooks do not offer three way money line bets. In the case of a draw, the bet voids and the stake is returned.

Total Rounds

Legal sportsbooks set lines on the length of the most popular fights.The lines take the form of Over/Unders. In the Jauregui-Nunes bout for example, they posted something like “Over 2.5 Rounds -210, Under 2.5 Rounds +175”. Over players need to risk $210 to win $100 if the fight lasts 2.5 rounds or more, conversely the Unders Cash if it gets stopped earlier. As per one operato, on UFC: For the purposes of settlement where a half round is stated then 2 minutes 30 seconds of the respective round will define the ‘half’ to determine under or over.” The half round in three-minute boxing matches is at the 1:30 mark.

Round Betting

Here bettors can wager on both the round that the fight ends and the winner. Some sportsbooks had the following lines up for a UFC Fight between Eryk Anders and Kyle Dauskaus earlier this month, for example..

  • Eryk Anders to win in Round 1 +1200
  • Eryk Anders to win in Round 2 +1600
  • Eryk Anders to win in Round 3 +2500
  • Kyle Daukaus to win in Round 1 +450
  • Kyle Daukaus to win in Round 2 +700
  • Kyle Daukaus to win in Round 3 +1200

The moneyline had Daukaus -215 vs Anders +175, so Daukaus was a modest favorite overall. If the fight goes the distance and ends in a decision, all Round Bets lose. Further “ If a fighter withdraws in the period between rounds the fight is deemed to have ended in the previous round for the purpose of “Round Betting” settlement” as per one operator.

Boxing matches with their 12 round structure offer more Round Betting options. Some betting apps post “Groups of 2” and “Groups of 3” markets. For example it is +500 to bet on the Fury-Chisora match to end in Rounds 1-2, +450 to end in Rounds 3-4, +340 to end in Rounds 1-3, +240 to end in Rounds 4-6 and so on.

Method of Victory

As it sounds, bettors wager on how the fight will end, combined with the winner. Heading back to Anders-Daukaus, here were some examples.

  • Anders by Knockout(KO)/Technical Knockout (TKO) +550
  • Anders by Submission +2800
  • Anders by Points +380
  • Draw +6600
  • Daukaus by KO/TKO +650
  • Daukaus by Submission +280
  • Daukaus by Points +180

This gets more nuanced than the straight moneyline betting as the book prices “Points” as the most likely fight ending. But if the match gets decided sooner, Daukaus is more likely to win via Submission vs KO/TKO for Anders.

Betting operators also posts “Double Chance” markets that let players pick the winner plus two of the three possible endings. Some examples were:

  • Daukaus by Submission or on Points -152
  • Daukaus by KO/TKO or on Points +105
  • Daukaus by KO/TKO or Submission +170
  • Anders by KO/TKO or on Points +195
  • Anders by Submission or on Points +330
  • Anders by KO/TKO or Submission +450


This offers bettors a slightly different way to wager on a match, often stripping out having to select the winner. Betting sites typically list props such as “How Will the Fight End”, “When Will the Fight End” and “Method/Round Combo”.

MMA and boxing fans can always find plenty of betting opportunities on betting operators. If a wager is not listed, bettors can contact the site via either Live Chat on the “Name a Bet” tab and request a market.