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Home » Exclusive: It’s proven Tommy Morrison did not have AIDS – widow

Exclusive: It’s proven Tommy Morrison did not have AIDS – widow

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Former heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison was proven to be negative for the AIDS virus, as court records now confirm.

According to Tommy’s widow Trish, who constantly updates WBN on the progress of her mission to clear Morrison’s name, “Science has beaten the Sweet Science.”

Trish informed WBN of the update on Tuesday evening, stating: “It would really be great if you could spread the good news as we start to turn the media reporting in favor of Tommy!”

It came after years of smearing documentaries from the mainstream media and mass ignorance over the plight of Trish and Tommy.

When Tommy died in 2013, no evidence of AIDS was present in his system. WBN reported it at the time, but it was largely ignored.

Tommy Morrison exonerated

Now Trish says the proof is out there.

“Court records confirm the following experts tested Tommy for the virus and for the AIDS diseases that Dr. Anthony Fauci himself said since 1984 that someone with AIDS would have.

“All these tests done on Tommy came back negative for the Virus and negative for any AIDS diseases. Following the true science and Fauci’s algorithm, it has wholly exonerated Tommy.

Tommy Morrison proof

“We used professional experts in the field of virology and microbiology. Not the word of those involved in documentaries or YouTubers with an agenda.

“This is a great way to end 2022 and a great exciting introduction to 2023. We continue to rebuild and reintroduce the real Tommy Morrison to the world.”

Back in January, Trish was left disappointed by a pursuit to test new DNA samples for the Virus.

Tommy Morrison proof

Court battle

She told World Boxing News at the time: “On December 21, 2021 – the 9th Circuit Court changed the panel of Judges. They ruled now against their own 3 Judge Panel ruling of June 2021 that the Appeal [the one I did during the Polar Vortex Storm] was now not timely filed an appeal.

“They terminated the case without further information. This shocked me after six months of filing the opening brief/answering brief/reply brief as requested by the previous judges.

“I have had to file a petition for rehearing and rehearing en banc. I am essentially asking that panel to reconsider. I’m asking the entire 9th Circuit Court Judges [18 of them] to examine the new decision.

“Someone does not want to test the newly discovered biological evidence for DNA/HIV. It has boiled down to a technical filing issue.”

But months on, Trish can begin to re-write her husband’s history without the notion that he was carrying the HIV virus or full-blown AIDS through his career or death.

Tommy Morrison ultimately lost years of in-ring earnings due to the false reports. Trish has never asked for anything in return, just her husband’s good name to be cleared for good.

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