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Learn About the Different Types of Boxing Bets

Boxing is one of the most popular and top-watched sports worldwide. Additionally, more people are becoming interested in betting on the game on online platforms including on new bet sites. This makes things more exciting for fans, as they are more engaged in the fighting bouts. The good thing is that there are plenty of wagering options available for bettors. 

In this article we are going to talk about the different types of boxing bets that bettors can place with online bookies. 

To Win Bets/Outright Winner

This is the most common type of bet that most people are aware of. It is quite straightforward.  Also known as the money line bet/single event bet, it involves wagering on who you think will win the fight. If the person you wager on wins, then you have won the bet. But if they lose, you have lost the bet. 

Parlay Bet

Adrenaline junkies may find parlays more thrilling. A parlay bet involves 3 single event bets. In boxing, you can decide to bet the entire fight card. To win the wager, you must predict the winners of all the 3 events correctly. In case any of your predictions are wrong, then the parlay won’t pay out. Since they are harder to win, parlay bets tend to pay out more than moneyline events.

Method of Victory

This involves wagering on the method of victory. This requires lots of research. Some available choices include knockouts, going the distance, doctor stoppage, getting disqualified etc. The bettor must have a good understanding of the fighters involved and know their specific styles. It might be helpful to find a bookie with the best odds to place your bet.

When the Fight Ends

This involves correctly picking when the fight is going to end. The bettor doesn’t have to choose the winner in this case. The choices available are:

Will the fight go the distance?

This type of betting involves wagering on whether the fight will run the full course to the final round. It can be hard to predict. You need to know some information about the combatants. Find out their stamina, and techniques and if they have great chins. Furthermore, check if they have a history of ending fights.

Gone in 60 seconds

This is in-play betting. It involves wagering Yes or No. Bettors choose whether the fight will end in the next 60 seconds.

Over/Under Round Bets

In this case, the bettor selects whether the bout will go over or under a particular number of rounds. Often, this option will be provided in cases where the fight is not expected to go the distance.

Group Round bet

This kind of wagering is likely to be available for bigger and high-profile fights. In this case, you can choose a group of rounds in which the fight is likely to end. This widens the chances of winning. For instance, you can bet on rounds 1-3, 4-6, 7-9 or 10-12. 

Double Chance Bets

This involves placing two kinds of bets simultaneously and combining them into one. For example, you can wager on the fighter more likely to win and the method of victory. To win this bet, you have to correctly predict both parts of the wager. 

Knock Down Bet

In this kind of bet, you wager that there is going to be a knock down during the fight.

You can select that there will be a knockdown without specifically choosing which fighter will do it. Moreover, there is a choice of a double chance bet. Whereby, you wager that there will be a knockdown and the boxer who will do it. If the person you selected knocks the other one down, then you win the bet. Also, you can go with the option that there won’t be a knockdown during the bout. 

Prop Betting

This is betting on things that will take place during the fight, rather than the ultimate outcome. For example, you can bet on which player will bleed first. Or, how the fight will end or when it will end and so on.


Wagering on boxing is not only fun but also provides a way to make some extra money. Hopefully, you are now well-informed about the different kinds of betting in boxing.

Be aware of what’s going on with each fighter in the build-up to the match. Also, check the fighter’s statistics. This increases the chances of placing a winning bet