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‘Dirty’ Josh Warrington should be thrown out of boxing, says champ

Luis Alberto Lopez, who defeated Josh Warrington and took his world title, called for the Leeds man to be banished from the sport.

“Venado” Lopez is not interested in a rematch with Warrington because he considers him “a very dirty fighter.”

Lopez won a majority decision against Warrington and became the new IBF featherweight world champion. However, the newly crowned Mexican complained about Warrington’s tactics.

Regarding any return between the two, Lopez refuses to fight again with him.

Josh Warrington’ dirty fighter’

“No, I never would [fight Josh Warrington again],” Venado Lopez told IZQUIERDAZO. “To be honest, he [Warrington] is a very dirty fighter.

“He has no respect. He doesn’t deserve to be in professional boxing. With his fighting style, he can cause an accident for other boxers.

“With that style, he shouldn’t be allowed in boxing.”

During the fight, an accidental clash of heads caused a cut in Lopez’s left eye, but the Mexican also complained about being hit behind the head and in the legs.

Back in Mexico, Lopez watched the fight again. He says that he felt rage and helplessness with what he saw.

“I watched it again [the fight]. But I was angry,” Lopez revealed. “I saw Warrington punching me in the legs. In his corner, he said he would keep doing that.”

In addition, on Twitter, Lopez posted some subtitled screenshots of the video feed where Warrington can be seen accepting that he was punching him in the legs.

“Sadly, these unfair things keep happening in boxing,” Lopez said. “I don’t know when they will put a limit. The commissions, the people in boxing. I’m sad about that.”

Eddie Hearn argument

Lopez also reveals that he argued with Josh Warrington and Eddie Hearn at the end of the fight.

“I was arguing with them when the fight was over,” Lopez said. “I argued with Eddie Hearn.

“He told me I should have been deducted a point because I was clinching too much. All nonsense”.

Luis Alberto Lopez is not contractually bound to fight Josh Warrington again since there was no rematch clause.

“There is not a rematch clause,” Lopez said. “They had other plans, so they didn’t put one.

“I told them to be careful because I like to ruin others’ plans, and you can see what happened.

“It’s an honor to show the British that Mexico rules in boxing and that we are a powerhouse in boxing. I’m proud to represent my country and put it in high standard.”

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