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Ex-heavyweight champs ‘stranded in Dubai’ in ‘organized scam’

Former WBA regular heavyweight champions Mahmoud Charr and Lucas Browne were left stranded in Dubai after their fight collapsed.

The Middle East Professional Boxing Commission stepped in on Friday, the day before the bout was scheduled to shut down the event.

Iconic Promotions Dubai had penciled in the main event alongside undercard bouts. However, upon arrival, Browne and Charr knew something was untoward about proceedings.

The MEPB decided Iconic failed to comply with basic safety standards for the boxers involved. They revoked any licensing of the show.

Heavyweight statement

Browne and Charr stated as they planned a route out of the country.

MEPB noted that multiple complaints had been made.

Speaking about their ordeal side-by-side in a joint video statement, Browne and Charr slated the company involved.

Asked if it was the worst he’d been treated in his career history, “Big Daddy” Browne stated: “Unfortunately, it is. Coming straight before Christmas as well.

“I have a lot of plans for the kids, and I’ve got birthdays and all that sort of stuff, as well. It really does put a dent in all of it. Let alone my boxing career.

“I was looking forward to fighting Manuel [now Mahmoud]. We’ve spoken very gentlemanly-like over the years. He’s an absolute gentleman of a bloke and a champion.

“We were really looking forward to having a good fight, along with obviously everyone else who is here as well [undercard fighters].

“The way we’ve been treated, I’m just not happy with at all. It’s very unprofessional, and it shouldn’t happen. Dubai is an absolutely beautiful place. It’s a diverse, clean, and absolutely gorgeous place. And this puts a, yeah, it’s no good.”

Charr vs Browne

Charr added: “So, I’m here with the fighters. It’s sad what happened. What kind of promotion does [this] to us?

“We flew here from all over the world. They come from Australia. We was always ready here to fight. But what happened here now [inaudible] f***** up.

“He didn’t make the fight happen. He lied to us and everyone. We came here, and many fighters were kicked out of the hotel because the hotel was not paid.

“People are on the street. We have a referee here from Indonesia who is also here. No payment. We also have a fighter here who is very sad,” he concluded.

An investigation into how this occurrence happened is underway. Boxers are now urged to research promoters before heading to the Middle East.

Hall of Fame promoter Lou DiBella warned anyone considering an offer about the Charr vs Browne heavyweight saga.

“Many in boxing think the new holy grail of sites and big purse opportunities is in Dubai. Well, not for a bunch of fighters who just went there for a fight card that was an organized scam.

“They were basically left stranded in Dubai. No one protected them. [It’s a] juicy story for someone.

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