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Home » Adrien Broner recalls sparring with ‘crazy skills’ Gervonta Davis

Adrien Broner recalls sparring with ‘crazy skills’ Gervonta Davis

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Adrien Broner discussed many topics during media day for his fight announcement against Ivan Redkach. One of which was Gervonta Davis.

Broner recalled sparring the pound-for-pound star back when he was a ring regular. Those appearances have since become scarce as “The Problem” deals with personal issues.

But now, after signing a deal with BLK Prime, Broner has a new lease on life and is looking forward to being more active.

Gervonta Davis sparring

Asked about sharing a ring with “Tank,” Broner said the pair traded blows back in 2016.

“Tank got in the ring with me once when I was training in D.C. for Ashley Theophane,” Broner outlined to FightHub TV.

“One day, I came into the gym and said I would give everybody two rounds. I did twenty-four rounds straight, and Tank got in and threw a one-two-three.

“I caught it all, and then he got out the ring. He has some crazy skills.”

Asked about his targeting of WBC champion Regis Prograis and his impending return, Broner responded: “Me and Regis talk a lot. We talk a lot of s*** to each other.

“The thing was, he wanted to fight me. It means nothing right now. You’re not a world champion. It’s not going to change the status of me.

“I would just be beating a Regis, so I said go get a world title, and we can fight. He kept up his bargain and got a world title, so I have to keep up my end of the bargain.

“I have to go handle my business in February, and then we will talk Regis.

Adrien Broner is back

But it feels great [to be back in the spotlight]. Long overdue. I have been training my a** off, and come February. It’s showtime.

“We ain’t on showtime, but it’s still showtime.”

He continued on getting the chance to fight Ivan Redkach: “I will rephrase that he is finally getting a chance to fight me.

“I didn’t need him, obviously. He needed me to get this opportunity. I could have fought you, and it would still be big, you know why? Because I am coming back.

“I have been in this game a long time. If a knockout presents itself, of course, I am going to take it, but any type of victory is always good.”

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