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Dillian Whyte vs Jermaine Franklin II ‘the best fight for both’

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Dillian Whyte and Jermaine Franklin should rematch in the first half of 2023 after their controversial heavyweight clash last month.

That’s the view of former boxer Dmitry Salita, who oversees Franklin’s affairs.

Whyte took the spoils on home soil after a close battle, with many seeing Franklin as the correct winner of the London bout. However, the judges saw it differently, and Franklin’s promoter believes they should do it again.

Dillian Whyte vs Jermaine Franklin II

Objectively the best fight for both Jermaine Franklin and Dillian Whyte would be the rematch,” said Salita.

“Dillian, much respect for your in-ring accomplishments. You are one of the best. But you came up short. Was it Jermaine’s skill or something else?

“A rematch makes sense for both fighters and, most importantly, the boxing fans,” he added.

Franklin has received solid support, even from the UK, in his bid for a second fight. Many see the American as the rightful winner of the contest.

The previously undefeated puncher issued his gratitude to those who took the time to speak out.

“Thank you to the thousands of positive messages and comments I have received before and after the fight.

“It’s time for boxing to give back to the fans what they want. Share this if you love boxing,” said Franklin posting a picture of him hitting Whyte with a clean shot.

After a billboard was put up in the US again championing his efforts, Franklin added: “Thank you, family, and Thank you, Saginaw, for the billboard.

“I’m the people’s champ. The World Championship belt is coming back to the United States. It will be around my waist,” insisted Franklin.

Rematch unlikely

Whether Franklin has any chance of getting a second bite at the Whyte cherry remains to be seen. None of Whyte’s previous contentious victories ever saw a return unless they were promoted by the same promoter, Eddie Hearn.

Only Derek Chisora got that honor when a result was in question and tight. Alexander Povetkin had to earn his by knocking Whyte spark out.

Joseph Parker and Oscar Rivas both got stiffed in the UK and were never considered for a rematch. Franklin can expect to be added to that list as Dillian Whyte eyes a redemption mission of his own against Anthony Joshua.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of experienced boxing writer Phil Jay. Twitter @PhilJWBN. Follow WBN: Facebook, Insta, Twitter