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Home » Crawford vs Avanesyan PPV numbers ‘exceeded initial projections’

Crawford vs Avanesyan PPV numbers ‘exceeded initial projections’

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The Crawford vs Avanesyan PPV has caused a stir in the fallout with the glove-tampering controversy. However, the event’s success comes down to Pay Per View numbers.

Launching its platform, BLK [Black] Prime is hoping to change the game, as many before them have claimed to be doing.

Upon the dust settling on the Pay Per View, priced at $39.99, bosses at BLK Prime declared the whole show a massive success.

Crawford vs Avanesyan PPV

They said: “BLK Prime is thrilled to announce that the highly-anticipated fight between Terence Crawford (39-0, 30 KOs) and David Avanesyan (29-4-1, 17 KOs) was a resounding success, with the entire event delivering an unforgettable evening in front of Crawford’s hometown crowd in Omaha, Nebraska.

“The fight itself was nothing short of spectacular, with Crawford delivering the knockout of the year in front of his hometown crowd.

“In the co-main event, crossover combat-sports superstar Cris Cyborg defeated Gabrielle Holloway by unanimous decision in a four-round bout.

“This marks the first time a co-main event was a four-round women’s matchup. Add Cyborg’s legendary stature to the table, making her U.S. debut in a new sport, further highlights BLK Prime’s mission to create a more equitable platform in boxing.”

BLK Prime diversity

Despite the name, Black Prime, BLK is not a closed shop after signing Terence Crawford and Adrien Broner. In addition, they are looking for new talent, wherever they come from.

“BLK Prime is committed to bringing diversity to the sport of boxing at every level. A multiethnic production team was brought together to provide boxing fans from all walks of life with top-tier shows.

“We aim to show everyone that BLK Prime is for everyone. From the ring announcers [both Latinos of Mexican descent] to the organizers, the talent, and the fighters themselves.

“Everyone involved came from all corners of the earth, cementing BLK Prime’s mission to provide a multiethnic-friendly platform for fans.

“This fight was a prime example of that commitment, with Crawford and Avanesyan and every member of the undercard bringing unique cultural backgrounds to the ring.”

BLK Prime ring

BLK Prime

Pay Per View numbers

BLK Prime stated they did better than expected on those all-important PPV numbers without revealing a final figure.

“Early reports indicate that buys for the sold-out event exceeded initial projections on BLK Prime digital. This further solidifies BLK Prime’s position as the newest and best destination for high-quality boxing content.”

Furthermore, a representative for BLK Prime added that no sponsorships were at Crawford vs Avanesyan.

“As a multicultural platform, BLK Prime is dedicated to being for everyone. We are proud to be a pillar for diversity in the sport of boxing.

“We were honored to be the only sponsor for this event. The focus remained squarely on the fighters and their incredible talent.”

“This was an extraordinary event for us at BLK Prime. To see two diverse fighters from across the world delivering an unforgettable performance in front of a hometown crowd was indeed something special.

“We are proud to have been a part of this magnificent event and will continue providing opportunities for athletes from all walks of life to shine on our platform.

“BLK Prime is excited to bring forth the biggest fights to boxing fans worldwide. In addition, it will continue its commitment to excellence.”

Fans and media will still want those numbers, though. Crawford’s last effort against Shawn Porter reportedly sold 200,000 buys.

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