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Home » Conor Benn got beard transplant to ‘look more menacing’

Conor Benn got beard transplant to ‘look more menacing’

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Conor Benn displayed the results of his beard transplant as part of an awareness campaign but admitted “he wanted to look more menacing” to his opponents.

Benn showed off his stunning transformation. The reveal came six months after undergoing beard FUE hair transplant surgery at the British Hair Clinic in November 2019.

His promoter Eddie Hearn had a cheeky laugh at his expense when the undefeated welterweight displayed the results in 2020.

The former WBC-ranked UK puncher had previously rated his beard a miserly 3/10 before surgery and is now absolutely delighted that he has got the look he had always wanted.

Conor Benn’s beard transplant

To most men, growing facial hair is not an issue. Some men struggle to grow facial hair beyond a goatee or may have patchy beards.

Dr. Zabeeh, Conor’s beard hair transplant surgeon, said that ‘many men cannot grow a full beard. Some men can only grow partial beards with visible patches.

This can be due to several reasons, including genetic and medical conditions. Lifestyle factors such as stress can cause incomplete and “patchy beards.”

Conor Benn, aka The Destroyer, son of boxing legend Nigel Benn wanted the “best beard hair transplant so he could look more menacing in and out of the ring” when speaking to the British Hair Clinic about his problem.

Dr. Zabeeh added, “Conor’s beard is still only at the halfway stage regarding growth and maturation.

“Over the coming months, we expect the beard hair to get stronger and thicker. Full results usually take 12 months or longer.

“The fact that Conor Benn is a young, fit professional would have helped him to get his excellent results much sooner.”

He did just that. His beard is now a natural part of his fighting persona.


Boxing Promoter Eddie Hearn, whose Matchroom Boxing headquarters are just down the road from the British Hair Clinic in Brentwood, Essex, was very impressed with Conor Benn’s beard transplant.

He mentioned to Pound4Pound Podcast at the time that Conor now has a “great beard.” And that “he has the full gear on.”

Furthermore, he added that he “100% he will get his barnet done. At the moment, he has to do some crafty combing.

“When the wind blows, he has a little bit of a Donald Trump going on,” said Hearn referring to the famous Donald Trump hair combover.

In a video posted by the BHC YouTube channel, Benn asked his followers to rate his new beard. In addition, he said I know it’s a 10/10, signaling with a double five-finger gesture.

Conor Benn is one of many sportsmen and celebrities who have visited the BHC to seek help with their hair loss. Hair loss can affect confidence and self-esteem.

The British Hair Clinic recommends that anybody affected by hair loss issues speak to a hair loss specialist before deciding to have any treatment or surgery.

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