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Home » Carl Froch gets Hall of Famer honor after Joe Calzaghe shade

Carl Froch gets Hall of Famer honor after Joe Calzaghe shade

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Flat earther Carl Froch is the latest British boxer to earn a place in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

“The Cobra” enters the list of legends and world titleholders after claiming super middleweight straps during his career.

But Froch caused a stir when the former UK Pay Per View fighter blasted the glittering career of Joe Calzaghe years after he got inducted.

The retired Nottingham fighter, who is notorious for his outbursts on rivals, went at the talented Welshman.

Joe Calzaghe in the Boxing Hall of Fame

Calzaghe ended his career with a unique 46-0 benchmark. He is widely regarded as the best British boxer of his generation.

Defeating Chris Eubank, Bernard Hopkins, Mikkel Kessler, Jeff Lacy, and Roy Jones Jr. during a stellar ring stint, Calzaghe won a place in the International Boxing Hall of Fame Class of 2014.

Despite these facts, ‘The Cobra’ is mainly unimpressed. Froch decided to smear those achievements with a steaming pile of doubt as he picked apart each top opponent.

“[Joe Calzaghe] won the WBO belt on an undercard of a Prince Naseem Hamed fight in Sheffield,” Froch told Sky Sports. “He fought an old, faded Chris Eubank, who was weight drained.

“He won the WBO title. Then he defended it for ten years against – I don’t even know.

“I can’t remember the names of the guys he fought for ten years. But he’s unbeaten in 46 fights, a Hall of Famer.”

Carl Froch

The three-time world champion continued: “You can’t argue with his record. But he had ten years of mediocrity defending that title.

“Probably his best win was against an injured Kessler. Many say (it was) Jeff Lacy. Jeff Lacy was a hype job.

“The Hopkins win was so close and so debatable. It was a 55-45 split in Hopkins’ favor on the night by all the top Americans (on press row). Very, very close.”

Froch and Calzaghe spent almost their careers side-by-side without ever meeting in the ring. Many Brits believe it’s a travesty they never fought.

According to Froch, Calzaghe fought the best at the right time. And he should have lost at least once during his 46 bouts.

It’s safe to say the pair may never be friends. Furthermore, Froch and Calzaghe would possibly never agree on how their respective careers went down.

After nine years in Calzaghe’s shadow, Froch can stand alongside his fellow Briton as a Boxing Hall of Famer for the Class of 2023.

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