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Floyd Mayweather cancels $330k King appearance over payment

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Floyd Mayweather has canceled an appearance at this month’s “King MisuZulu International Boxing Tournament,” scheduled for Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban.

The event, belatedly taking place on Tuesday, December 13, featuring several fighters, was due to feature Mayweather at the event in a non-fighting capacity. His only duty was to sit next to King MisuZulu and watch the event.

Under the terms and conditions of the contract, Mayweather, 46, “was required to sit in full view of the audience next to the AmaZulu king” as bout after bout took place on Pay-Per-View.

For this, the former Pretty Boy would be paid a purse of 5.8 Rand. That is just over $330,000.

Floyd Mayweather payment

Mayweather was willing to accept the payment and make his way to South Africa this week. However, a problem over the proof of payment led the five-weight world champion to pull out.

Due to what is now being described as a ‘fake proof of payment’ by South African media, Mayweather is launching legal action amid claims his image was used to promote the event.

‘Money’ Mayweather instructed his legal team of Rosengarten and Fienberg Attorneys to inform the event organizers of his plans to sue.

“You have breached the agreement in a number of respects, most notably by failing to pay our client the agreed fee for his attendance at the event, which was due, owing, and payable to our client over a month ago.

“In addition to this, you have, without our client’s authorization, utilized our client’s name, image, and likeness to promote the event,” reads the letter reported in South Africa by Sunday World.

False claim

According to SW, they also “falsely insinuated that Floyd Mayweather will be boxing at the tournament.”

The letter added: “Not only have you infringed Mr. Mayweather’s image rights, but you have also violated clause seven of the agreement.”

Informing of his right to decline to appear, Mayweather’s legal team added: “The obvious inference is that you are attempting to evade us.

“These are the implications of your unlawful conduct.

“This is unfortunate. In light of what is set out above, our instruction is to notify you. We hereby do that you have repudiated the agreement, which repudiation our client hereby accepts.

“Alternatively, our client hereby cancels the agreement with immediate effect.

“For the purpose of clarity, our client will not be attending the event. We further demand that you immediately take down the infringing image and any other images of our client from any websites and other platforms.

“You are further required to cease and desist from making any statements. Or representing, in any manner whatsoever, that our client is in any way affiliated with you or with the event.

Legal action

“Our client intends to take further appropriate legal action against you in due course.

“First, he publicized a poster that depicted the king and the boxer to promote the event. But he later removed the boxer from the poster when he failed to pay the money and then disappeared. He is nowhere to be found.”

Since then, organizers have denied falsely claiming the attempted payment was made to Mayweather.

“There was no payment made to Mayweather from our company. We didn’t pay Mayweather any money in that regard.

“The only payment we had received was from the funders. But our funders reversed the funds based on some factors raised.”


Mayweather recently saw a controversial lawsuit against himself dropped in court. Now he faces another round after the South African situation unfolded over the past few weeks.

Putting himself out there for appearances and fights on the exhibition circuit does leave the Las Vegas native vulnerable to this happening.

However, should his lawyers win the case, it may deter other companies from making similar offers to appear at events.

The former WBA and WBC unified super welterweight champion began the trend of exhibition entertainment matches himself. He defeated UFC star Conor McGregor in August 2017.

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