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Home » ‘When’s he due?’ – Overweight Adrien Broner reveals Feb opponent

‘When’s he due?’ – Overweight Adrien Broner reveals Feb opponent

Adrien Broner confirmed his next Pay Per View opponent but looked massively overweight as he took the stage.

Appearing ahead of the Terence Crawford Black Prime event, Broner boasted a pot belly as he said he’d fight in nine weeks.

If he can get in fighting shape to battle Ivan Redkach by then, it will be a miracle. If the event were in May, there’d still be doubts.

The turn of events comes after Broner faced a torrent of abuse in a promo for BLK Prime’s PPV bow.

Even then, many saw “The Problem” as out of shape. Things haven’t gotten better since.

The Cincinnati man urged fans to sign up for Black Prime to watch Terence Crawford, where he made his “special announcement.”

Broner’s next fight gives the multi-weight world champion a short space of time to get in shape.

Adrien Broner abuse

When he first emerged from calling off his last fight, the reaction to his video was ruthless and relentless when posted.

“Ricky Fatton vs Fatty Broner,” said one. Another added: “He looks big. What weight is his fight at?”

“154 would seem good? I’m just pumped to see AB fighting, though, so whatever weight is good. So down for a light heavyweight, About Billions.”

Others stated: “AB equals About Biscuits and Add Bacon” and “Looks like he’s more about billions of calories now.”

Signing a big money deal with Black Prime is said to be the spark to reignite Broner’s career. Although one fight in four years tells its own story.

Black Prime debut

Not many out there expect something special after confirmation of Broner’s opponent.

“It’ll be worth missing. Broner hasn’t been worth watching in years,” said one.

Another added: “The big announcement is Adrien Broner took Black Prime Boxing‘s money knowing he isn’t going to fight anyone.

“If he does, it will be someone C-level fighter. They will try to make it seem he actually has a chance.”

A third said of Broner’s condition: “When’s he due?”

Broner had emerged from a dark place when the deal was signed, having canceled a clash with Omar Figueroa due to mental health issues.

Big money deal

The offer to work with Black Prime came at the right time for the 33-year-old.

“I can start back talking like this again in public. That’s because I Just signed a twelve-month three-fight deal,” explained Broner.

“Eight figures guaranteed with BLK Prime. Yeah, I don’t get any $13 no more. I told my man Desmond [thought to be Desmond Gumbs] that he’s coming into boxing at a unique time.

“Not only for the fans but for myself as well. And I feel like he’s coming at a time, almost like when Suge Knight went to get Tupac out of jail for that $1.4M.

“Then Tupac took his company to a whole other level. I’m going to do the same thing with BLK.”

If Broner ever gets back in the ring again, he’ll have considered ring rust and years of using and abusing his body to shake off first.

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