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Boxing champ Billy Dib showing extraordinary heart in cancer fight

Having undergone surgery to remove a cancerous growth in his colon, former boxing champion Billy Dib is showing unbelievable resilience in his continued battle.

Dib, who has shared the ring with Amir Khan, Takashi Miura, and Tevin Farmer – as well as claiming the IBF featherweight crown – is gripped amid chemotherapy.

Recently spending time with his family, Dib has endured a rollercoaster ride since doctors were able to cut out the lump in October.

Showing incredible fortitude, Dib is optimizing how to deal with adversity and having gone through some of the worst lows imaginable.

Billy Dib’s cancer battle

Documenting his ordeal on social media, World Boxing News has kept an eye on Dib’s plight and waited for the right moment to update his situation.

It truly is inspirational to see a man in the depths of despair come out the other side through his positivity and obvious faith.

“Cancer has picked the wrong opponent. I have too much to live for,” said Dib after coming out of his operation and suffering a significant wobble.

“On this day last week, I was on my knees begging for my life. One week later, I was in recovery after an operation to remove cancer from my colon.

“I’m focusing all of my inner energy on healing. Where the focus goes, the energy flows.”

Dib then visited his wife and son for a much-needed boost.

“Happy to be home in the care of my family. I can overcome anything with them by my side. A big thank you to Dr.Pran, Dr.Sanjay, and Dr.Bahin, the three highly skilled doctors who have given me every chance to fight the battle ahead.

“I can’t wait to wake up from this bad dream called cancer. I want to spend the rest of my life looking after my beautiful wife and son.”

Dealing with the lows

A significant date for Dib was November 20, when the former boxer seemed to believe his time was up.

“With each day that passes in this hospital, I feel I am getting closer to my creator. We are nothing without hope,” he said.

The Australian then displayed exceptional courage through what we can only assume had to be the worst time he’d gone through.

“We all face calamities in life,” Dib reminded. “It’s important to trust the process and know that everything in life happens for a reason.

“I now know the true meaning of being in the trenches. The past 72 hours have been the most challenging hours of my life. I’ve road the storm.

“These past few days have been really difficult. But I’ve also learned that the human body is so resilient.”

Faith in the fight

Recognizing his belief system as a constant, Dib has every faith in the process.

“I had plans, but the almighty had better plans. Dwelling on the negatives will never allow you to grow. So instead, I choose to see the positives.

“I’m happy it’s me and not one of my family members who got sick. I am strong and will bounce back better than ever.

“I don’t have hope. Instead, I have faith that the Almighty will help me through this roller coaster journey called cancer.

“I am not an advocate for cancer or chemotherapy. I am an advocate that every time I called upon the Almighty, he answered my prayers. For all those struggling, have faith,”

Dib has gone from coming to terms with his mortality to looking toward the future. A noticeable alteration in the cancer process.

But with his courage throughout, Dib is again proving to be a formidable opponent.

“I will beat this horrible disease. We are all dealing with certain calamities in life. It’s not always going to be rainbows and sunshine.

“The key is how you will deal with your calamity. I’ve excepted God’s decree for me. I feel it’s the only way to overcome this cancer. Expectancy is the key.

“I refuse to quit. Quitting is a chain reaction that follows you. If I quit, I’m teaching those around me that the minute things get tough, it’s ok to give up.”

WBN would like to wish Billy Dib every success in his fight. Never give up.

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