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Home » Rival has the blueprint on how to beat ‘skinny legs’ Deontay Wilder

Rival has the blueprint on how to beat ‘skinny legs’ Deontay Wilder

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Deontay Wilder has suffered two defeats during his impressive career after making a name for himself as a concussive one-punch knockout artist.

The blueprint for defeating Wilder was around years before WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury took apart the American in 2020.

Dillian Whyte believes he knows how to defeat Wilder as he explains tactics employed by Fury were identical to his own.

Deontay Wilder defeated

Fury dismantled an out-of-sorts Wilder in seven rounds. Whyte says he planned on doing exactly the same as he outlined how to beat ‘The Bronze Bomber.’

“As I have always said, anyone who stands up to Wilder and takes the fight to him will struggle. For one, he can’t box,” Whyte told The AK and Barak Show on Sirius XM before getting his title shot.

“Two, his balance is terrible, and his legs are like something I’ve never seen.

‘Skinny legs’

“Evander Holyfield had skinny legs. His legs are skinnier than Evander Holyfield’s. He was a light heavyweight and moved up to heavyweight.

“I believe all those guys he beat, they were beating him. They were all backing him up, pressing him, and sometimes almost knocking him out.

“That was until he landed that one punch. So I believe anyone who took the fight to him and wasn’t scared of him would have knocked him out.

“That was my plan, and Fury did exactly what I wanted to do for years.”

Asked about the mentality of Deontay Wilder going into the fight, Whyte replied: “I have been saying for a long time Deontay Wilder talks a lot of crap.

“I don’t know (where he was, mentally). He couldn’t believe that he had lost.

“You have just got to say listen. You were better than me on the night. I got it wrong. There were some problems in camp, don’t talk rubbish about the costume.

Fury beat him up

“You make yourself look like an idiot. You got beat up. Let’s be right by Fury. He took it to you, and you got beat up. It wasn’t anything to do with your legs.

“His legs were fine early in the fight. His legs didn’t start to buckle until he got tagged. That’s what happens when you get tagged. Your legs buckle,” he concluded.

Whyte got his shot at the green and gold belt against Fury in April 2022. He discovered the hard way that there is no blueprint for defeating “The Gypsy King.”

However, Whyte vs Wilder is reportedly still on the table at some point in their careers. They dislike each other and have the edge that could make for a decent UK Pay Per View fight.

The winner could then face Anthony Joshua now that Wilder is back in the win column following his October battering of Robert Helenius.

If that scenario comes to fruition, Whyte will have the chance to implement his plan against the world’s hardest hitter.

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