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Home » Adrien Broner eyes Regis Prograis to end long-running beef

Adrien Broner eyes Regis Prograis to end long-running beef

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The need for Adrien Broner to win a world title during his new promotional deal led “The Problem” to call out Regis Prograis.

It’s not the first time that’s happened. The pair beefed a couple of years ago when Prograis was a world titleholder previously.

Now that Prograis has the WBC championship, Broner hopes to seal a deal.

“Coming back, I’ll probably fight in my favorite weight class at 144, 145, or somewhere around that,” Broner told Blue Blood Sports TV.

“After that, I’m coming to get that 140 [title] belt from Regis [Prograis, the new WBC champion].”

Adrien Broner

Broner asked for a ten million payday the last time he was enticed into the ring. Suitor Prograis pleaded for the money to be put up so they could fight.

Firstly, the World Boxing Super Series finalist and arguably the man who should have won the crown [against Josh Taylor], Prograis, wanted the AB in 2020.

The only ‘problem’ with that at the time was that Broner wouldn’t get out of bed unless he bagged an eight-figure paycheck.

That was some demand from a fighter without one win in five years and whose star has fallen considerably over the past few years.

Nonetheless, it didn’t stop Broner from revealing his demands on social media.

“After watching Shakur Stevenson fight yesterday, it made me wanna box again. Then I thought about the $10,000,000 that Showtime or Al Haymon ain’t called me about yet,” said Broner.

However, a deal with BLK Prime may allow reigniting of their feud.

Regis Prograis

Broner followed up his first comments days by namedropping Prograis.

“I’ll beat Regis. I’ll come out of retirement. He can’t f*** with me. You’ll be saying anything on here. Let me get off here. You’re talkin’ crazy!”

Prograis had enough of Broner’s antics when he responded to the multi-weight champion. He stated: “Somebody, please give this clown the ten million he’s asking for so I can finish this boy!”

The clamor for Broner vs Prograis never did grow legs. But with Broner on the cusp of a comeback, who knows if one win will be enough?

Prograis is no longer at a loose end but can work with other promoters if needed.

Sadly for Prograis, it’s doubtful that anyone would put up that money for Broner. The paychecks would probably be a lot smaller than ten million.

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