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Critics proven absolutely right after Tyson Fury wins one-sided bout

Tyson Fury can have no complaints over criticism after his victory against Derek Chisora played out exactly how his detractors predicted.

“The Gypsy King” dominated Derek Chisora to the point where his British rival was beaten up badly.

At one point, the fight was so one-sided many boxing commentators on social media pleaded with the contest to be stopped.

In the end, it was. But only after Chisora took plenty of punishment.


As stated previously, Fury vs Chisora was expected to be one-sided, as the two victories in 2011 and 2014 had already proven.

Fury pulverized Chisora, beat him up, and stopped him. Helping him out with a payday, Fury could have knocked “Del Boy” out early and saved him the torrential hammering.

At certain times, it seemed Fury was carrying Chisora. After the fight, he admitted he did want to be in there as long as possible.

If the referee hadn’t stepped in during the tenth, Fury might have punished Chisora for the entire duration. There was simply no way Chisora could win.

Tyson Fury ‘needed rounds’

“I felt good. But I needed some rounds. I haven’t boxed since April. I’ve had a retirement, and I’ve had a lot going on,” said Fury to the less-than-capacity crowd at Tottenham’s football stadium.

“I felt like I was landing my jab and landing some good punches.”

On Chisora being able to absorb the barrage of relentless attacks, Fury added: “Take nothing away from “Del Boy” War Chisora. He is an absolute warrior.

“It has been a privilege to fight him three times. He is a British folk hero. We’ve had three epic fights, and what a tough man.

“I was hitting him with shots that would knock anybody else spark out. He stood up to every one of them.”

Chisora launched himself into the fight in a typically bullish fashion before Fury found his rhythm. But Fury was really in his stride come the second round.

The fight could have been stopped anytime after that.

After a spot of grabbing and holding, Fury ultimately began to use Chisora for target practice. The Fury uppercuts were finding their spot.

Derek Chisora punishment

As he does in times of trouble, Chisora took to the ropes and invited more punishment.

Both took a tumble in the third, but it was effectively one-way traffic. Chisora was shipping some severe shots and again showing his unquestionable bravery.

Chisora’s legs twice looked unstable in the fifth as Fury continued to crank up the pressure. How the Finchley man withstood the onslaught, only he will know.

Chisora looked out on his feet at the end of the ninth. Referee Victor Loughlin appeared to be urging his corner to call time on the bout.

However, he still came out swinging in the tenth, but with about ten seconds left, the Scottish ref made a merciful intervention.

Tyson Fury – Shameful

It was a shame that Fury picked Chisora for the exercise, but as he said, he had little choice. Even when promoter Frank Warren didn’t think Chisora should get the fight.

“Derek Chisora shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Tyson Fury,” said Warren after Chisora’s loss to Joseph Parker.

He was, though, and that was the result we all knew would happen.

It should be Oleksandr Usyk next for Tyson Fury, as the pair went head-to-head in the aftermath. At least we’ll see Fury in a solid test.

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