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Home » The Mike Tyson fake penis admission spawned an unusual offer

The Mike Tyson fake penis admission spawned an unusual offer

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Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson has been the brunt of many stories over the years, but one stands out above all.

Following Tyson’s admission that he used a fake penis to give samples for drug tests brought an unusual offer to his door.

A popular adult website offered Tyson a job in 2020 after an old story resurfaced regarding the former undisputed heavyweight champion.

“The Baddest Man on the Planet” referred to his wilder days when taking drugs during training camps and fights.

Mike Tyson’s fake penis

So how did ‘Iron Mike’ get away with his partying lifestyle alongside his later boxing career? – Firstly, ahem, using a fake penis.

Tyson would pump the penis full of someone else’s urine, sometimes from his children, and then hoodwink the testing system.

Upon the 54-year-old readdressing the claims first made during his ‘Undisputed Truth’ tour some years ago, CamSoda made the returning boxer an offer.

WBN obtained a copy.

Dear Mr. Mike Tyson,

I was very intrigued listening to your “Hotboxin” podcast this week. Your story about using a prosthetic penis to produce clean urine for your drug test before a fight gave me an idea.

You may not know this, but CamSoda, a leading adult entertainment webcam company, is actually heavily involved in the fight game.

We produced an MMA card, CamSoda Legends, in 2018 and had what some have called the most entertaining MMA battle of the year during our Fight Circus event this past August.

Fight Circus Vol. 2 is set to take place on November 21 in Thailand. I’d like to formally extend a $100,000 offer for you to be the Drug Test Coordinator for the event.

Given your status as a legend of the boxing ring and expertise in bypassing drug tests, we think you are qualified to advise our officials during their pre-fight drug test to ensure everyone follows the rules.

For the record, we are proponents of medicinal drug use. We even gave out bongs to the losers during the first Fight Circus. Mainly we want you to spot any fakes where a contestant is trying to sneak by using performance enhancing drugs.


We cannot stand for PEDs and fake Johnsons in our Circus!

I know you have a big fight coming up yourself on the 28th. We are willing to fly out your entire team so that you can continue your training camp in Thailand.

There are plenty of tigers around. I know you’re fond of them. I’m a huge fan and cannot wait to see you and Roy Jones Jr. battle it personally.

If interested, please reach out to me at [email protected] I would love to coordinate a phone call to discuss logistics.
I look forward to hearing from you!

Daryn Parker.

Mike Tyson never quite took up the offer.

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