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Home » Josh Kelly showboating proves a turn-off for many UK TV viewers

Josh Kelly showboating proves a turn-off for many UK TV viewers

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Josh Kelly proved a turn-off for some viewers on Friday night as the one-loss Wasserman star claimed the British super-welterweight title.

Despite a brilliant in-ring performance, Kelly’s antics during and between rounds caused a stir on Channel 5.

Kelly refused to sit down and take the customary one-minute breather, instead choosing to stand up and chat with trainer Adam Booth.

The move confused many who didn’t know why Kelly would not use the recovery minute. Comments included that Kelly wouldn’t do that in a world title fight against Jermell Charlo, so why would he do it in a Lonsdale Belt battle?

Josh Kelly showboating

Showboating also hit a nerve for some who took to social media to comment.

One said: “F****** despise Josh Kelly. He does not have the talent to back up his arrogance. Absolute bell.”

Another added: “Josh Kelly and Adam Booth might be the most arrogant for no reason fighter trainer combo in history.”

A third stated: “I personally love a bit of showboating, cockiness and all that, but Josh Kelly just proper irks me and always has.”

Some defended Kelly, though, as he took every round from Troy Williamson.

“Josh Kelly just badly schooled Troy Williamson. Shame it wasn’t a stoppage.”

“That was fantastic from Josh Kelly. I did everything right, simple. 12-0 – a complete shutout.”

The man himself commented after the fight. He said: “The performance felt that smooth and that much like it was the way it was supposed to go.

“I’m saying to Adam “Can you snap me out of this dream.” That was support from all sides tonight, with some Middlesbrough fans, some Newcastle fans, and some Sunderland fans. But the North East turned out.

“This British title means so much to me. Oh my god, all that hard work’s paid off, baby!”

Stamina issues

In addition, on claims he had no stamina, Kelly added: “What gas tank? That’s canceled. I can go and do another five or ten rounds there.

“I boxed to instructions, boxed clever, boxed safe, boxed tidy, and didn’t take no risks. That’s what the outcome turns out like.

“Troy was meant to come and do a demolition job on me. He’s a hard-punching knockout artist in the Super Welterweight division.

“There’s a new name now. There was always the name, actually. But it has come into play now. Josh Kelly, baby.”

Despite Kelly saying he could go another few rounds, the commentary team said he was breathing heavily after the fight.

Maybe he should have taken that extra minute between rounds to have a seat. Just a thought.

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