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Home » Fund to stop near 50-year-old Mike Tyson conqueror fighting fails

Fund to stop near 50-year-old Mike Tyson conqueror fighting fails

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Mike Tyson’s conqueror Danny Williams continues to fight on at 49 despite no real reason for the ex-heavyweight title challenger to do so.

After another defeat earlier this month, the 32nd loss of the Briton’s career, plenty of questions are being raised about how Williams is being sanctioned.

WBN decided to check the Go Fund Me page created to stop Williams from fighting again. It has struggled for donations since its launch in 2020.

However, another £20 donation has rolled in in the last few weeks.

Started by a fan after Williams lost for the 29th time in Germany two years ago, the fundraiser has cracked the £1,000 marker.

Danny Williams Go Fund Me

Despite well-known promoter Lou DiBella pledging around $325 (£250) to Williams, the total is meager.

DiBella offered cash, while former Showtime analyst Paulie Malignaggi gave Williams a shout-out on his social media.

Since an initial spike, donations have begun to dry up. The fund has failed to halt Williams from fighting on – and on and on.

Beating Mike Tyson in 2004, ‘The Brixton Bomber’ has since struggled to stay away from the ring. Williams is now approaching 50 years old and prone to accept any offers that come his way.

Banned from fighting in his own country of the United Kingdom due to a block by the British Boxing Board of Contol, Williams has been forced to fight in Central Europe since 2010.

In that time, Williams lost far more than he’s won. There have been no draws on his record whatsoever.

After his most recent defeat to the 4-0 Nelson Hysa in Albania, yet another farce, Williams is yet to announce his retirement.

Some don’t believe it won’t be the case, and Williams will accept another offer.

Mike Tyson conqueror

Even during coronavirus lockdown restrictions, the Londoner was penciled in to fight Joel Djeko in Belgium. The fight was postponed until October 2020.

That’s when Williams received a Sergey Kharitonov option. The kickboxer stopped Williams in two rounds. He’s fought three times in the next two years.

There seems to be no way of stopping Williams, even if they reached the fund target of £100,000.

The fund is self-explanatory but states: “This is an initiative started by people close to Danny that wish to ensure his health and well-being.

“We hope to raise enough for his two precious daughters so that he no longer risks his own health and life by stepping in the ring.

“Danny has been brave enough for several lifetimes. He didn’t ask directly for help. If his body allowed, he would step through the ropes another 83 times before reaching out.

“We are humbly reaching out on his behalf and with his support because he is a man worth fighting for.

“He is a man that deserves to see his beautiful girls receive a great education. Any donation or share on social media goes a very long way.”

It’s been two years since the page was launched. It’s done nothing to dissuade Danny Williams from risking his life.

If they did hit £100k, Williams would undoubtedly get to make that decision a hell of a lot easier. But his current plight is a world away from sharing a ring with Mike Tyson and Vitali Klitschko.

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