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Derek Chisora responds to Tyson Fury payday accusations

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Derek Chisora admits he took the third fight with Tyson Fury for a payday as he gears up for the weekend event.

Despite challenging Fury in what BT Sport Box Office wants fans in the UK to pay £27 for, Chisora responded to a fan who questioned the integrity of the bout.

The fans said: “No one is blaming him, but let’s call it what it is. A payday.”

Derek Chisora payday

Chisora responded: “Yes, it’s a payday. And what?”

Before the exchange, Chisora had talked up his chances after being soundly beaten twice by “The Gypsy King.”

The last time the pair shared the ring, they were booed out of the arena. Therefore, the reaction to the trilogy has been mixed.

As they bid to drum up support for the most costly Pay Per View of their careers, Chisora also clarified how he felt about Fury’s offer.

“I can’t sit here and try to be more aggressive to Tyson and try to say so many bad words because the man I’m looking at right now is giving me an opportunity when nobody wanted to give me an opportunity.

“He called me up and said to me, ‘I want to fight you. I want to give you a big payday.’ And I said, ‘Yes. Let’s make it happen.’

“For me to sit here and try to talk bad and say so many bad things about a man who is actually giving me food on the table for my kids, I cannot,” said Chisora.

Tyson Fury fight

He added that he would stand and fight Fury, though.

“All these guys in the game don’t want me to be on this stage. But, come Saturday, I can guarantee you this: friendship will be out of the door.

“Me and this big man are going to get it on. I’m not going to try to hold back on anything. Come Saturday. I’m going to war. I want to take what’s his and make it mine.

“I was born in Africa. And one thing we do in Africa is we don’t give up. You only give up when you die.

“That’s the African mentality. Africa is a {continent} that keeps giving and giving.

“You can take anything you want, but we’ve got more than you can take. So, we don’t give up.”

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