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Fans respond as Eddie Hearn blasts robbery claims

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Matchroom promoter Eddie Hearn launched a foul-mouthed attack on boxing fans after Dillian Whyte scored a hometown decision.

Whyte lost his heavyweight clash with Jermaine Franklin but was given a gift by the judges in his vicinity of London, UK.

The result was a clear robbery, which Franklin mentioned after the event. However, Hearn said anyone who suggests the clash was a robbery was worthy of an expletive-laden rant.

Eddie Hearn

The words, which WBN won’t repeat, had fans replying in their droves against the DAZN promoter.

Franklin, who did enough to win, led the way. He said: “I felt like I got robbed. I felt like I did enough to get the decision.

“But I felt like I won the earlier rounds. I just felt like I got robbed on the decision.”

Fans added: “Eddie Hearn, you are an idiot.”

“Stuff like this is why people can’t throw good fights in America. People aren’t stupid.”

“Eddie is calling boxing fans thick. Many of these will be subscribers too. Boxing is in a very dark place.”

“Well, he would say that. That’s his British man.”

“No, Eddie, it wasn’t a robbery. You’re right. However, it wasn’t 116-112 to Whyte either. Is anyone who thinks that also thick as s*** – or maybe bent?”

“Anyone who promotes drug cheats is thick as s***! Don’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.”

Cancel DAZN

Many others promised to leave DAZN after Hearn basically called a lot of fans thick.

“Absolute robbery. I canceled my DAZN sub and will not pay for another PPV or anything associated with Eddie Hearn. Disgusting.

“Jermaine Franklin won that fight. He deserves Anthony Joshua next. Would demolish him with the hand speed. No surprise Fast Eddie pulled another fast one. Sad.”

“Everybody should boycott DAZN. Jermaine Franklin won that fight tonight and was robbed because Eddie Hearn wanted AJ and Dillian Whyte.

“Judges coming up with that score was a joke. Jermaine Franklin won that fight by a split decision. Matchroom wanted AJ vs Dillian and ripped it off.”

Others blasted Hearn for leaving Sky.

“Eddie Hearn thinking Sky was going to roll over when he jumped on the DAZN train was probably one of the most unbelievably s*** judgment calls in British boxing history.

“Leaving Sky for DAZN has got to be the worst thing Eddie Hearn has ever done for Matchroom and his Boxers. An absolute disaster of a decision!”

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