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Chris Eubank causes worry with mental state, deletes ‘gay’ tweet

Chris Eubank returned to social media on Sunday but moved to delete many of his subsequent tweets, causing worry among fans.

Releasing no word since September, when speculation was rife that Eubank was suffering mental issues, the former world champion announced his comeback.

However, some of his activity raised immediate issues, as Eubank questioned his sexuality before removing some of his posts.

Chris Eubank deletes gay tweet

In one of his tweets, Eubank asked if he might be gay due to posing for fashion designer Vivien Westwood back in the day.

Eubank said: “Am I gay? I’ve always been gay. This is proof,” he joked. “Cat walking for the Queen of fashion, Queen Vivian Westwood.”

A flood of activity left only two posts after hours of entertaining fans.

There were: “I’m back. That’s what’s happening!

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change the things I can. The wisdom to know the difference.”

Eubank did comment on a video posted by UK boxer Anthony Fowler. He tried to assure fans that he wasn’t mentally ill.

“Sad this video. Eubank is a legend of the game, and clearly, his mental health isn’t the best at the minute. I think he needs help, in my opinion, and not doing these shows.”

Eubank’s reply suggested he’s just being a showman, which some fans agreed with.

Not a mental issue

“Loads of people are suggesting that he’s having a “mental health episode” without having any convincing evidence to back it up.

“I’ve watched so many documentaries regarding Eubank and seen him act exactly like this long before his son passed. Let’s not rush to conclusions.”

Another said: “Eubank has always done this type of thing. He is a showman and an entertainer.

“I think Fowler, the far-right conspiracy theorist, is talking rubbish as always. Ignore the attention-seeking bigot, I say.”

WBN reported that Eubank is acting a little stranger than usual since his son tragically passed away. However, reports he was sectioned seem to be wide of the mark.

At present, Eubank must be taken at face value despite the fact he’s estranged from his other son Chris Eubank Jr. and posting and deleting tweets.

Chris Jr posted a sweet video with the late Sebastian’s son Raheem on social media on either side of his father’s episode.

“There are few things that put genuine happiness on my face & in my heart. Spending time with my nephew Raheem is one of them.

“I know your dad is looking down on us with an even bigger smile. Love you, kid,” he said.

Eubank Jr faces Liam Smith on January 21st in Manchester. Tickets go on sale this week.

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