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UK heavyweight Dillian Whyte’s trainer makes startling admission

Dillian Whyte picked a new trainer for his comeback from two knockouts in three fights but might have made the wrong choice.

Buddy McGirt, a respected American trainer and former world champion, couldn’t be bothered to watch any videos of Whyte despite being employed by the UK boxer.

At the press conference before a fight with Jermaine Franklin, McGirt admitted his lack of enthusiasm for Whyte.

Despite the admission, Whyte says he’s OK with Buddy ahead of the contest.

Heavyweight trainer

“Me and Buddy are cool. Buddy is a cool guy. We have a laugh, and we have a joke. Buddy is an interesting guy,” said Whyte.

“He tries to teach you and doesn’t change your style. He learns your style and puts little things in your style to help make you better as a person.

“Buddy asks what style you like, what punches you like, and what fighters you like watching, and then he has a look at you.

“He doesn’t say a lot. He gets on to you about the same things over and over again. It’s a bit of a ball-ache sometimes, but it’s good – you know what I mean?

“I’ve never really had a teacher. I’ve had good coaches – very good coaches – but there’s a difference between a coach and a teacher.

“Buddy is a coach and a trainer, but he’s a teacher too. He teaches you little things.

“What he does is good, and it’s really interesting. Because I’m a fighter where I’m strong and fit, physical, and I look to be rough – I can punch.

“A lot of coaches work on that. But Buddy does things differently. He says you don’t need to chop the house down with one punch all the time.”

AJ rematch

In addition, discussing a potential Anthony Joshua non-heavyweight title rematch – which is said to be on the line, Whyte said: “I don’t care about the Anthony Joshua fight now.

“I’m focused on Franklin. There’s been pressure in all of my fights.

“I weren’t even an ABA Champion. People forget I had seven amateur fights. I was out there selling tickets hours before I was due to fight.

“I’m not an Olympian, and I was never on Team GB. Every fight for me has always been a must-win my whole career.

“It’s just another I’ve got to deal with. I’ve become quite used to that. There’s pressure but OK, great. I’ve gone and beaten guys that I shouldn’t have beaten.

“I definitely want to become Heavyweight Champion of the World, and I’d love to get the opportunity to avenge my two losses. I’ve already avenged one. I’d love to get the opportunity to avenge the other two.”

Opponent Franklin is looking for the upset.

“We flew over about three and a half weeks ago. I’m just getting some good work in, learning some stuff from World Champions,” said Franklin.

“I pay attention to a lot of the little things. Little insights that will help improve my game.

“It’s a huge pot of gold, but I’m laser-focused on Dillian Whyte. I try not to think too far ahead into the future. I like to handle the task that’s in front of me.”

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