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Frank Warren yet to comment on drug test drama

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Frank Warren is yet to comment after one of his world champion fighters reportedly tested positive for a banned substance.

Zolani Tete went into Conor Benn territory recently and, according to reports, faces a four-year ban for doping.

Tete stopped Jason Cunningham, a UK fighter who recently attended a Frank Warren show and now wants answers.

Warren is yet to comment as the Tete B sample is being requested for the misdemeanor.

However, Warren was very vocal when rival promoter Eddie Hearn’s fighter Benn was under the same scrutiny.

Frank Warren

Warren told IFL TV on Benn’s failed test: “I don’t know this ins and outs of it. The misconduct obviously relates to some of the stuff that’s gone on. He’s given up his license.

“You give up your license for one reason and one reason only. That’s so the board can’t hear it. If he’s given up his license, then UKAD doesn’t need to test him.

“He’s given up his license because they didn’t want the hearing.

“If they wanted the hearing, they’d have provided all the samples from VADA. They’d have provided the B sample. They’d have gotten on with it – that’s it.”

Jason Cunningham

A bemused Cunningham told The Doncaster Free Press: “I had never been knocked unconscious in my life. What if it had been worse?

“Fatalities have happened before. What if I died? I have got a four-week-old baby.”

Tete’s manager, Mlandeli Tengimfene, told the South African newspaper The Daily Dispatch: “Zolani has no knowledge of this.

“In all the years I have been with him, he has never failed a dope test.

“It baffles me that he would do it now at the tail end of his career.”

Zolani Tete’s power and Conor Benn

Furthermore, at the time of their July fight, Cunningham commented on Tete’s power. He said: “It was something completely different to what I’ve been in with before.”

He’s since stated: “I need answers. I deserve answers. Who knew? How long have they known?

“It’s not like a Conor Benn and Eubank situation where it was stopped before anyone got hurt. I got in the ring and got hurt.”

In addition, Cunningham’s trainer Stefy Bull added: “That was a devastating knockout. What’s his punch resistance going to be like?

“We don’t know anything until we go again.”

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