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Two-time heavyweight champ looks unrecognizable at 160 pounds

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Former two-time heavyweight champion Chris Byrd, who defeated Vitali Klitschko and Evander Holyfield, is no longer a brute force.

Since preparing for an ill-fated comeback at 52, Byrd dropped a drastic amount of weight and now weighs just 160 pounds.

Campaigning between 2010 and 220 pounds during his heyday, it’s a far cry from winning the sport’s biggest prize.

Chris Byrd’s weight loss

Byrd began the mission a few years ago in his bid to get fit. He’s since been sparring with boxing legend Shane Mosley. The pair looked as though they weighed the same during their sessions.

Discussing his journey, Byrd said: “Three years ago, I couldn’t raise my arms high enough to hit a bag anymore. Hard work pays off.

“Always more to learn! After fighting over 400 amateur fights as a middleweight and then turning pro as a heavyweight, I realized I completely forgot how to fight as a middleweight a few months back.

“I developed many habits as a heavyweight that will never work as a middleweight. I had to relearn boxing.

“Thank you to one of the greatest and my boy Shane Mosley for getting me all the way back!”

Byrd began to get super-fit by 2020 and amazingly plotted a ring return. He even had an opponent and date set for 2021 and then delayed to March 2022.

Thankfully, especially after witnessing Holyfield get knocked out in one round of his comeback, Byrd didn’t make it to the ring.

Heavyweight to middleweight

That didn’t stop the former world ruler from dreaming, though.

“I want to show people that it’s never too late to accomplish your goals and live out your dreams,” said the Slipmaster.

“My reflexes are razor-sharp; my strength is phenomenal. I’m more focused than I’ve been.

“I feel I’m ready to make a return to the ring. With the help and guidance of Split-T Boxing, I hope to make it a reality.”

His final word on a failed clash with Raymond Guzman was: My opponent has dropped out of the March 12th fight!

“We will keep you all posted on the scheduled next boxing fight with the Boxing Promoter.”

Over the past few months, Byrd has seemingly given up on that dream. He turned 52 in August and hopefully won’t get sanctioned by any commission in the future.

However, his story is truly inspiring, and his skills can be passed on to the next generation. Chris Byrd is now a master at losing weight and could easily become a personal trainer rather than an exhibition boxer.

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