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Five retirements and a dive as light heavyweight goes 11-0, 11 KOs

One of the most blatant dives by a boxer ever inside the ropes largely flew under the radar as light heavyweight Richard Egowa moved to 11-0.

The Nigerian fighter, who hails from Lagos, fought also-ran Basil Osigwe in his hometown a few days ago. What transpired blows the mind of everyone who sees it.

Osigwe threw himself on the canvas despite no punch landing whatsoever. The referee subsequently counted out the 23-bout Osigwe in the second round.

Egowa began celebrating the victory. Why would be anyone’s guess. There’s nothing to cheer about in cheating the sport.

Light heavyweight Richard Egowa

Egowa’s eleventh pro win [eleventh straight stoppage] is yet to be officially counted on his record. This is hopefully due to an investigation by the Nigerian Boxing Board.

No word has yet reached boxing outlets on the matter, though.

However, upon looking into Egowa’s record, there are further anomalies. Five of the other ten opponents faced have given up on their stool.

Now, ordinarily, that wouldn’t be an issue. But due to the nature of his last win, you can only assume there might be more than meets the eye.

Why would five opponents pull out in between rounds and not be adequately knocked out? – Boxers encounter this regularly but not with such a percentage of triumphs.

It just emphasizes again that boxing needs one overseeing worldwide body to regulate the regional governing bodies and the sanctioning bodies themselves.

Boxing crossroads

Boxing is at a crossroads with bad scoring, YouTubers being given pro licenses, racism, favoritism, constant Pay Per Views, rankings for cash, and failed drug tests.

Not to mention that no promoter ever seems to face sanctions for the number of boxers he oversees that test positive for banned substances.

There must be a shake-up at some point shortly. As the sport is right now, it doesn’t work. It’s stuck in the past and being overtaken by other combat sports.

Those with the most experience, the Hall of Famers and legendary boxing promoters, should unite to create a new era where everything is finally transparent.

The rest will have to follow if they set up a new governing body that is respected and consists only of experienced legends, referees, and promoters.

But judging by what happens in many territories worldwide, boxing remains on a slippery slope to nowhere unless there’s an overhaul.

Let’s begin by banning fighters for life when they cheat, starting with light heavyweight Basil Osigwe.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of experienced boxing writer Phil Jay. Twitter @PhilJWBN. Follow WBN: Facebook, Insta, Twitter