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370lb heavyweight KO’d twice by same foe in a total of 144 secs

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The heavyweight division is known to be the most exciting, but it can often be the most bemusing division in boxing.

Take the curious case of Brandon Barnes. The American may have to find another profession after being knocked out three times in the first round.

The 0-3 fighter has never passed 63 seconds inside the ropes. His last opponent, Malik Titus, stopped the budding boxer for a second consecutive time.

That’s not the anomaly in this story, though. The fact Barnes was beaten in 41 seconds against Titus in their initial meeting begs the question, “Why agree on a rematch?”

Heavyweight rematch

Weighing a shade over his 358-pound bulk for a debut lasting 36 seconds in September last year, Barnes lost again, this time to Titus on November 13.

Titus, a 24-year-old from Baltimore, took the big man out in just over half a minute at the Southpaw Arena in Rock Hill. Three months later, in February of this year, the pair met again at Emmett Scott Center in the same vicinity.

But why would Barnes want to face a guy who has knocked out every opponent he ever met, including himself, in such a devastating fashion?

The video of the first fight is below. Barnes did nothing for the duration. The second bout wasn’t much different. A review of how these fights get made seems desperately needed.

He also weighed twelve pounds more for the return at over 370 pounds.

Barnes, 29, now has a combined heavyweight record of 0-3. So far, his career has lasted two and a half minutes, not even a full boxing round.

WBN has enquired as to whether Barnes still holds a license to box. Hopefully, he doesn’t. But if by some miracle he does, the North Carolina man will have some job trying to convince any promoter to give him another shot.

Brandon Barnes

It is time to try something else, Brandon.

Since his double haul over Barnes, Titus has scored another four victories, all of which came via knockout. He’s now a perfect 8-0.

Christopher Arnold got stopped in six, Anthony Williams halted in two, and Kenas Jenkins in one before Andrew Satterfield in three.

The 25-year-old is now ranked in the top fifty United States heavyweights.

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