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Aidos Yerbossynuly out of coma, showing signs of improvement

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Aidos Yerbossynuly is No Longer in a Coma. The 31-year-old Kazakhstani boxer, Aidos Yerbossynuly was placed into an induced coma by doctors after being taken to Hennepin County Medical Center.

The super middleweight was stopped in the 12th round by Cuban David Morrell who dropped Yerbossynuly twice. Yerbossynuly struggled to get back to his feet and ended up being assisted to his corner by the referee Tony Weeks and Morrell.

In good news, doctors have removed Aidos Yerbossynuly from coma. It is too early to know the full details however, the Kazakh fighter is reportedly showing significant signs of improvement and doctors are optimistic about his potential recovery.

What Happened to Aidos Yerbossynuly?

Aidos Yerbossynuly came into the fight with a perfect 16-0 record and many expected the powerful Kazakh to push Morrell, the current WBA (Regular) super middleweight champion. However, from the very first round, Morrell started landing hard accurate shots on Yerbossynuly. The Kazakh’s defense seemed non-existent as the Cuban landed 40% of his punches.

This trend continued throughout the fight as Yerbossynuly could not handle Morrell’s hand speed and he showed very little head movement. Morrell was free to punch at will as Yerbossynuly’s punches were far too slow to trouble the Cuban and he spent much of the fight with his gloves up high desperately trying to block Morrell’s offensive barrage.

As the fight went deep into the later rounds it became hard to watch as the Kazakh was too brave for his own good. He continued to eat punch after punch from Morrell. At times you hoped that one hard punch would stop the fight. Unfortunately, the beating continued until the very last round when Morrell finally ended the brutal fight with a right hook that caught an unaware Yerbossynuly directly on the chin. The Kazakh was clearly in a bad way as Tony Weeks and Morrell had to carry him to his corner.

As soon as the fight ended Yerbossynuly was rushed to Hennepin County Medical Center where doctors discovered he had bleeding on his brain. In a desperate bid to save his life, the Kazakh boxer was placed in a medically induced coma as doctors frantically tried to reduce the brain swelling and deal with the bleeding.

Should the Fight Have Been Stopped Early?

It is always easy in hindsight to say a fight should have been stopped early but in this match, there were clear signs that the fight should have been stopped prior to the 12th round. Yerbossynuly did not win a single round and most of the rounds were not close at all. When a fight is so one-sided then the referee should really step in and call the fight off.

Not only was this fight not competitive but from the very first round until the eventual knockout Morrell was landing way too many clean punches on Yerbossynuly. The Kazakh fighter did not have the defensive skills or movement to deal with the Cuban’s offense. When a fighter is taking so many clean shots round after round the referee should strongly consider ending the bout early.

Unfortunately, Yerbossynuly is an absolute warrior and he showed immense toughness. His toughness allowed him to sustain a horrible beating for 12 rounds, most fighters would have been knocked out well before the 12th round. With no hope of winning his team should have really thrown in the towel in the 7th or 8th round and protected their athlete.

Will Aidos Yerbossynuly Fully Recover?

It is still too early to know the full extent of Aidos Yerbossynuly’s injuries. Doctors have just brought the fighter out of a medically induced coma. There have been initial reports that he is showing signs of improvement. We hope he can make a full recovery and be able to speak and walk again. Numerous boxers such as Adonis Stevenson have managed to recover from serious brain injuries so there is hope for Aidos Yerbossynuly.

David Morrell is a Top Contender

David Morrell is the latest superstar boxer to come out of Cuba. Unlike many of his compatriots, Morrell is in his physical prime at 24. He is currently 8-0 and has the skills and physical gifts to challenge Canelo, Bivol and Benavidez. He completely outclassed Aidos Yerbossynuly and was able to slice through the Kazakh fighter’s defense at will without sustaining any damage. Amazingly, Morrell didn’t lose a single round as it seemed he could predict everything the Kazakh fighter was going to do in the ring.

What really stood out was the Cuban’s lightning-quick hand speed and his silky smooth movement. We are convinced Morrell is the real deal and is a future super middleweight champion. It will be interesting to see if Canelo can handle the Cuban. There have been reports that Canelo is ducking the fight and looking for easier challenges but these two fighters appear to be on a collision course. Canelo would likely be the favorite but Morrell has a great chance of causing the upset.

Final Thoughts

The fight between David Morrell and Aidos Yerbossynuly was way too one-sided. The Kazakh fighter didn’t win a single round and was getting hit way too much. Tony Weeks should have ended the fight well before the 12th round which saw the eventual knockout. All of that accumulated damage resulted in Yerbossynuly suffering a subdural hematoma and being rushed to the hospital. Fortunately, the Kazakh fighter has been brought out of coma by doctors and is showing signs of improvement. We wish Aidos Yerbossynuly a full and speedy recovery.