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Tips to Maximize your Boxing Betting Experience

One of the few underrated sports is boxing. With nothing but their wits and each other for support, the two warriors go head to head.

The fight seems more like a ballet than a street fight. This may explain why some people call boxing “the sweet science.” Sportsbooks were already bustling with boxing enthusiasts before Tyson Fury established his name in the heavyweight division.

Betting chances abound in boxing, whether you’re a seasoned gambler or have never placed a wager before. Here are seven potential profit centers when betting on boxing.

Focusing On One Contest

Focusing just on one fight is paramount advice for the casual boxing fan. Before each major boxing battle, there are always multiple preliminary bouts.

They are the “undercard” of the event.

These bouts feature two up-and-coming fighters vying for a crack at the big time. On other occasions, a former champion will make one last attempt at reclaiming their title in a bout scheduled for the undercard.

Not Quite the Underdog

If Fury can beat Wilder, he will fight Anthony Joshua, the current WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO champion. A real Battle Royale is certain to ensue from this clash.

Each competitor will bring an intense drive to victory, and nothing will be held back. Of course, there can be only one victor. When one opts to learn more about the US offshore sports betting industry, most sources say that majority of the time, bettors will find this sort of battle to be a golden opportunity. Betting on the minor underdog really maximizes your winning prospects.

As an example, let’s look at Fury vs. Wilder 2. Wilder was a -135 favorite against Fury, who was an underdog at +125.

Be Logical, Not Emotional, When Placing Your Wager

Risks involved, which I discussed above. You should never gamble emotionally. Deontay Wilder is indeed a huge guy who can stop any battle with a single blow. 

Nonetheless, he didn’t do much in their first encounter to establish himself as a clear frontrunner. Regardless, public opinion and the odds were on his side. The difficulty is that most spectators don’t care about a boxer’s training regimen.

That makes sense. We all have our favorite teams, and we think it’s important to express our loyalty by investing in them. Tyson Fury seems to be my favorite, so maybe I just got fortunate.

Taking a chance on something meaningful is usually risk-free. Unfortunately, betting on your favorite character won’t bring in any cash.

One of the kindest people I know is my next-door neighbor Jerry. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t instantly like him. And yet, I doubt he’d last more than 10 seconds in the ring against Wilder or Fury.

Speculate on the Outcome of the Fight

Prop bets might do well in the realm of boxing champions. One of the most common is betting on the winner of a fight. This wager is second only to the “outright winner” wager in terms of popularity. There are five possible outcomes that bettors might wager on in a boxing match.

The Choices Are 

Definitions of a Tie Breaker, a Majority Vote, a Split Vote, a Technical Vote, and a Knockout Vo (including TKO). The odds on each of these wagers may vary, but they will all generally be better than just choosing a winner.

Avoid Being Duped by an Empty Boat

To fall into this trap, one must place rational considerations ahead of emotional ones. Don’t get caught up in all the pre-match fervor.

Showmanship may be useful in getting your name out there. These shenanigans may get you a chance at the championship, but they won’t win you any fights.

I can read your mind and anticipate your thoughts. Ali is the sport’s best performer and greatest showman.

As a performer, Tyson Fury is second to none. The key distinction is that it reflects an integral part of each man’s identity.

None of the combatants put on an act of machismo. They were naturals at the ringside posturing, trash-talking, and shenanigans.

Not unlike how Iron Mike approached the ring: with his eyes focused on the task at hand. This is the essence of Mike Tyson. Don’t believe the person who is wagging his tongue at you. If a champion punches you in the face, all of it vanishes relatively quickly.

Throw The Dice On One Huge Wager

For boxing fans, parlay betting offers the best chance of winning. The term “parlay” refers to a kind of bet that combines many of the aforementioned types.

The winner, the manner of victory, and the round in which the mission is completed are all variables that can be combined. Take Fury and win through a fifth-round knockout if you want.

However, keep in mind that there is a direct correlation between reward and risk. The entire wager must be successful.

Losing your entire wager on any result other than the one you predicted. If you succeed in wagering the maximum amount, however, you will collect a substantial sum. Parlay wagers require a higher level of expertise and knowledge from the bettor. For the less-than-perfect boxing fan, there are many opportunities for wagering.

The Sure Thing Trumps All Others

To this day, I long for the days when I could sit down and watch Mike Tyson annihilate his opponents on TV. It’s the closest thing I can think of to a guaranteed thing.

Only Anthony Joshua, Tyson Fury, and Deontay Wilder, before his second loss to Fury, can be regarded as top heavyweights right now.

Unfortunately, battles among these three are inevitable. In 2021, Fury will fight both Wilder and Joshua. While we wait for the Fury/Wilder trilogy to play out, Anthony Joshua will have to face Oleksandr Usyk.

Taking AJ’s WBO belt is a chance that Usyk has earned with flying colors. Deserving as he is, the former cruiserweight champion is no match for Joshua.

Whenever I bet on sports online, I always go with the obvious favorite and the underdog that has a better chance of winning. It’s better than losing, yet the fight’s uncertain outcome makes a parlay too risky.

Bottom Line

I was able to dip my toes into the professional boxing pool with the aid of these 7 methods for generating money off of betting on boxing. It’s best to get into things gradually before diving headfirst into the deep end.

You may find arguments to break down almost every week, and your time and energy will be well rewarded.