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Home » Lennox Lewis beats up, KO’s Tyson Fury – says UK boxing legend

Lennox Lewis beats up, KO’s Tyson Fury – says UK boxing legend

Lennox Lewis is too good for Tyson Fury. He would beat him up and stop him late on in the fight if they ever shared a ring.

That’s according to UK boxing legend Barry McGuigan. The former world champion got into it, with fans opening a massive can of worms on the subject.

It all began when McGuigan released his latest boxing column before Fury supporters pounced.

McGuigan was asked to explain himself, which he did in detail.

Lennox Lewis is better than Tyson Fury

“There is no way that Fury is better than Lennox Lewis, not a chance,” said McGuigan.

“Tyson fury is not nearly the physical specimen that LennoxLewis was in his prime. Lennox would beat Fury and knock him out in the championship rounds.”

On comparing the two legacies, McGuigan went on: “If I remember correctly, Lennox Lewis knocked out Hasim Rahman in the return [spectacular fifth-round KO].

“He battered OliverMcCall into submission also. Lewis’s record stands head and shoulders above any other British heavyweight.

“[Lewis] beat HasimRachman, OliverMcCall, Evander Holyfield, MikeTyson, FrankBruno, Tommy Morrison, RayMercer, David Tua, Vitali Klitschko – to name but a few.

“You’ve got to take into consideration the quality of his opposition. I’ve just listed the names of the fighters that Lennox Lewis beat. If you’re trying to tell me that Fury’s opponents compare to Lewis, you don’t know s*** about boxing.

Legacy and résumé

“Lennox’s résumé is substantially better than any British heavyweight ever before or since. Show me who Fury has beaten that compares.

“Comparing the standard of opposition that each man fought and beat, Fury’s two best opponents are DeontayWilder and Wladimir Klitschko.

“Compare that to MikeTyson, Evander Holyfield, Vitali Klitschko, Hasim Rahman, David Tua, OliverMcCall, RayMercer, and Frank Bruno.

“Fury doesn’t compare to Lennox Lewis. He doesn’t – end of.”

Questioned by irate Fury fans who claim McGuigan is just digging out “The Gypsy King” as it’s fashionable of late due to criticism of the Derek Chisora fight, the 61-year-old was having none of it.

“I’ve given him loads of credit over the years,” McGuigan assured. “I’m simply saying Fury’s record doesn’t “yet” compare to Lennox Lewis.”


Finally, Rahman was mentioned as one of the weaker opponents from the Lewis list of conquests. But McGuigan stated: “He’s ten times the fighter that Otto Wallin, Derek Chisora, DillianWhyte, Tom Schwarz, Francesco Pianeta, and Sefer Seferi are.

“Now, stop wasting my time. You clearly know very little about boxing when you come out with that crap.”

Strong words from McGuigan as this era of heavyweights get a severe reprimand.

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