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Home » Tyson Fury draws mixed response with “two weeks to go” post

Tyson Fury draws mixed response with “two weeks to go” post

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Tyson Fury faced another mixed review from UK fans after posting about his upcoming fight with Derek Chisora.

A lot of UK fans responded with ‘no one cares’ or ‘I forgot this fight was happening’ in direct response to Fury facing Chisora for the third time.

Chisora gets a WBC heavyweight title shot that many believe he doesn’t deserve.

The Finchley man has lost three of his last four bouts [possibly all four] and realistically shouldn’t hold a rating in the top fifteen with the World Boxing Council.

Somehow, Chisora is there and got the nod against Fury over Mahmoud Charr. Fury also dismissed nine contenders in the WBC rankings who were eligible and available to take the clash.

Tyson Fury vs Derek Chisora

But after fans in the United Kingdom got teased with Fury vs Anthony Joshua, getting Chisora in its place is a sickener.

Responses to the contest being made didn’t make for good reading. Many others stated their frustrations regarding the clash being fed to the British public.

It was hard to find many people responding who wanted Fury vs Chisora to be made and was enthused by the notion.

Out of one hundred comments overviewed, two or three were positive.

But with an Oleksandr Usyk date booked for Saudi Arabia next year. Fury wants to stay busy, so there can be a little understanding as to why “The Gypsy King” isn’t taking any chances.

There’s a lot of money to earn in April, May, or June. Therefore, December 3rd needs to be a pushover, and there aren’t many better ones for Fury.

His style is wrong for Chisora, which he has already proven twice. The second beating was worse than the first. The passage of time won’t have helped, as Fury is even more seasoned now than he was back then.

Social media is unforgiving. Fury knew that when his last unretirement earned some criticism.

A podcast interview with True Geordie revealed much about Fury’s mindset as he blew his top when challenged.

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