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Home » Eddie Hearn warned he cannot stop Fury vs Usyk undisputed fight

Eddie Hearn warned he cannot stop Fury vs Usyk undisputed fight

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Eddie Hearn’s attempts to put a spanner in the works of Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk being undisputed will fail.

That was a promise outlined by Usyk’s manager Alexander Krassyuk who expects the fight to go ahead will all title belts on the line.

As the Fury vs Usyk undisputed clash is in the public’s interest, Krassyuk believes the IBF will side with Usyk in making the best fight possible.

Croatian Filip Hrgovic may have to wait a few more months. Boxing fans should get the fight they deserve.

Hearn had stated the Hrgovic being mandatory and wanting the clash to happen next would derail Fury vs Usyk’s chances of being for all the marbles.

It seems Krassyuk sees the attempts as nothing but placing unwarranted despair in the minds of the hopeful boxing public.

He’s sure that won’t be the case.


“At this stage, I can anticipate that it will not influence the undisputed anyhow,” Krassyuk told Sky Sports.

“We expect his next fight to be for the undisputed. So most likely, it will take place in the Middle East,” he added.

Since making his intentions clear about driving Hrgovic to be next in line for the IBF belt, criticism has again hit the Matchroom boss.

Many want Hearn to back off pressuring the IBF because Anthony Joshua is no longer involved in the world heavyweight title picture.

As he has no say in the matter,  partly with Hrgovic co-promoted by Wasserman, Hearn stands accused of aiming to stop Fury vs Usyk.

Fury vs Usyk

The worldwide boxing community wants Fury vs Usyk to be for the undisputed belt. Therefore, waiting a few more months won’t harm Hrgovic in any way, shape, or form.

Therefore, forcing the IBF’s hand only serves one purpose. To end any chance Fury or Usyk has of claiming all the titles. Something AJ failed to do during his tenure.

WBN contacted the IBF for their view on the situation, hoping that sense would prevail. The whole mandatory scenario right now is a mess.

Why stop the first undisputed heavyweight championship bout in two decades over a few months? This block would be considered a crazy decision for any organization.

It doesn’t make sense to drag it out further so that Hearn has his finger back in the pie.

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