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Home » Sylvester Stallone wants heavyweight champ for Expendables role

Sylvester Stallone wants heavyweight champ for Expendables role

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Sylvester Stallone wants the world’s heavyweight champion to appear in the next installment of his hit franchise, The Expendables.

Speaking to TV host Jonathan Ross on his show, Stallone joined several interviewees via Zoom.

Tyson Fury happened to be appearing on the same show.

The pair are big fans of each other.

The Expendables

While they appeared together, Stallone said: “I think he’d be fantastic. He’s a natural force of nature.

“He has charisma, so why wouldn’t we want him? As long as he’s beating up the other guys on the other side.”

Tyson Fury responded gratuitously to Stallone’s offer, stating: “100% in the future.

“It’s something I’d love to explore.

“Who better to help me than the man himself, Mr. Rocky Balboa? The guy I grew up watching on TV.

“A great opportunity and a great offer and something I’d love to have a go at later when I finish with the boxing career.”

Heavyweight champ

Stallone was a fan of Fury, giving “The Gypsy King” the highest honor any Rocky fan could get from the leading man.

“I think you’re the greatest heavyweight that ever lived.

“I’m a boxing historian. I studied this closely,” said the Hollywood star.

“When you put together all your skills, plus your heart and your ability to recuperate.

“Also, how you can move around so well at your size. No one could have beaten you in any era. It’s totally true.”

Tyson replied: “That’s one for the memory book. I really appreciate it.”

Big words from Stallone, who has worked with Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali through the years.

Discussing his career and life outside of acting, Stallone went on to mention Escape to Victory.

A football movie that saw Stallone share the screen with Pele.

“I thought, ‘What’s the big deal, guys?’ I tell you what, you stand in there, [he said] ‘You’re supposed to play a goalie.

“I’m going to tell you exactly where I’m going to kick it [the ball], and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.’

“I stand in the corner and hear this [woosh]. The next thing I know, my finger’s broken.

“It [the ball] tore through the back of the net and broke a window.

“I learned my lesson. I tell you that.”

Sylvester Stallone reality show

Stallone mentioned roles he didn’t get, his rivalry with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his family reality TV show.

“I auditioned for Superman. I’d have been the world’s shortest Superman.

“I don’t look good in leotards at all.”

“We couldn’t stand to be in the same galaxy together for a while.

“We truly, truly loathed each other. He’s quite clever.

“He goes around town saying, ‘I can’t wait to do this film.’ I go to my agent, ‘Get that thing away from him.

“Get people options on me.’ I got it and said, ‘What a piece of s*** this is.’

“He goes, ‘Ha ha ha!’ At least I wasn’t pregnant in a film Arnold. We’re even.

“I want to do it [the reality show] while I’m still relevant.

“You’re playing Rocky and Rambo and all these characters, but when you get home and have three daughters and two poodles, you’re one step below that in the food chain.”

Look out for the Sylvester Stallone show coming soon.

The Jonathan Ross Show aired last Saturday at 10.00 pm on ITV.

This episode is now available on the ITV hub.