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Home » Holy Ears, Badman! – ‘I ate your ear I should know!’ – Mike Tyson

Holy Ears, Badman! – ‘I ate your ear I should know!’ – Mike Tyson

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Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield reunited for a hilarious commercial to promote their joint venture under the Holy Ears moniker.

Entering the edibles market after launching his brand of cannabis, Tyson came up with the genius idea of adding Holyfield’s ears to the line.

Holyfield famously had a part of one of his lobes munched off by Tyson in a 1997 Las Vegas rematch contest for the WBA belt. Tyson was banned from the sport and fined after being thrown out of the fight.

The pair of champion boxers have since made up and now clearly see the funny side as they launched a 90-second promo of the product.

Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield commercial

Watch the commercial on WBN’s YouTube channel.

The ad spot begins with the pair arguing over who opens the first present.

“You go first,” says Mike. “No, you go first,” states Evander before saying, “No, I’ll go first.”

At that point, Holyfield passes Tyson an iron and tells his former opponent that he’s glad they could iron things out instead of pointing to his nickname Iron Mike.

Mike’s gift gets exchanged as the pair look at each other during the skit before the Baddest Man on the Planet announces: “I got you your ear!”

Holyfield responds: “That’s not my ear!”

Before Mike assures him: “Yes, it is. Cherry Pie Punch flavor!”

Evander tells Mike: “My ears don’t taste like Cherry Pie!”

Ending the argument, Mike states: “Yes, they do. I ate your ear; I should know!”

Ready to burst into laughter as the taping was about to end, Holyfield concluded: “Yeah, you’re right.”

Tag lines shared by both boxing legends read: “It’s the time of the y(ear) that brings people together.

“Shop the Delta 8 Holy Ears collection at now!”

Tyson added: “If I were on cannabis, I wouldn’t have bit his ear.”

Mike Bites – Holy Ears

The ‘Mike Bites’ come in four flavors, Cherry Pie Punch, Watermelon, Sour Apple Punch, and Black Eye Berry.

They are available at for $29.99 a pouch.

Both fighters are long since retired. However, Holyfield did return to get knocked out in one round by Vitor Belfort recently.

Tyson fought an exhibition in 2020 and went the distance with Roy Jones Jr.

After retirement, Tyson starred in Mike Tyson Mysteries, The Hangover franchise, and launched a successful book with a sellout tour called The Undisputed Truth. A documentary also accompanied the tour.

His Hotboxin Podcast is one of the most listened-to sports chat shows worldwide.

The New York-born puncher is doing something right.

Tyson recently stated he’d made more money outside the ring than his career earnings inside the ropes.

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