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Exhibition days limited as Floyd Mayweather gets YouTuber shiner

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Floyd Mayweather may not be able to participate in many more exhibitions after getting a shiner from a YouTuber in Dubai.

Despite toying with Deji and stopping him in six at the Coca-Cola Arena, Mayweather left the ring with a massive abrasion under his eye.

Turning 46 in February, it’s evidence that Mayweather might have to start thinking twice about who he faces in the future.

Floyd Mayweather shiner

Mayweather gave away twenty pounds in weight to Deji on the night. However, Mayweather didn’t seem too bothered when asked about the marking on his face.

“I’m glad that Deji landed a good shot. This is part of the fighting. This is part of entertaining.

“Everyone wanted to see entertainment, and that’s what we have them tonight,” said the five-weigh world champion.

The American boxer failed to sell all the tickets for the event, which looked half empty on some images beamed to social media.

It was a far cry from Mayweather’s first exhibition bout against Conor McGregor. That cross-code battle sold out the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The Olympic bronze medal winner has a big decision about what opportunities he accepts as his days between the ropes become numbered.

Born in Michigan to a fighting family, Floyd Mayweather won world titles from super featherweight to super welterweight. He beat Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao, and many others to amass a 50-0 record.

Even a spell in jail couldn’t dampen his career, which began the tradition of fighting on Mexican weekends of May and September in Nevada.

Canelo Alvarez, who Mayweather also defeated, took over the honor when “Money” retired in 2015.

Exhibition career

A second fight with Pacquiao is reportedly possible in the coming year after the “Pac-man” comes through two potential bouts.

The Filipino is lined up to face Combat YouTuber DK Yoo in December. That event comes before a Fench boxer bout in early February. Only then can talks fully open up for a Mayweather rematch.

If the Pacquiao clash becomes a reality and gets sanctioned as a final professional bout, Mayweather can walk away to enjoy being a grandfather.

Events like the one in the Middle East this past Sunday night do the boxing legend no favors. It’s all about the cash.

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