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Home » Tommy Fury faces tougher ‘WBC champion’ after weigh-in farce

Tommy Fury faces tougher ‘WBC champion’ after weigh-in farce

Tommy Fury faces a sterner test on Sunday after a weigh-in contract farce saw a clash with also-ran Paul Bamba fall apart.

An unprofessional situation arose where one boxer knew the stipulated weight limit, and the other didn’t. It meant Fury came in seven pounds over.

It seems everyone apart from Fury assumed it was a light-heavyweight bout. Not so, as the Love Island star came in at his own catchweight benchmark.

Bamba held talks about keeping the contest on the Floyd Mayweather undercard in Dubai. However, he ultimately chose to fly home.

The New York-based Puerto Rican-born 33-year-old has promised to reveal what transpired in the coming days.

Tommy Fury misses weight

“The situation at hand right now as we know it, Global Titans, has canceled my event due to a lack of being able to come to a mutual and amicable agreement.

“I wasn’t given what I wanted. They’ve been telling people they offered me a bunch of things,” Bamba told Fred Talks Fighting in Dubai. “Ultimately, when I get home, and there’s less to worry about, I will be more vocal about this.

“At the end of the day, there were two separate contracts for the weight. I’ve been stating this, and it is not fair.

“I don’t know whose fault that is. I’m not placing the blame on anybody.

“It’s not right. I made weight. I did what I needed to do and was willing to negotiate and make things happen.

“You don’t make weight. It sucks. You are about seven pounds overweight. I want the world to know. Everyone is going to find out,” added Bamba.

Tommy Fury contract farce

Fury attempted to diffuse the situation by releasing a video explaining what happened. He said: “One contract was given to Paul Bamba, and one was given to me.

“The weight in my contract, I made yesterday. So as far as I’m concerned, I’ve done my job.

“I made weight. Paul Bamba does not want to fight. He never did. I’m here in Dubai, I’ve got a new opponent, and I’m ready to go.”

Paul Bamba replaced

That new foe Fury spoke of is Dubai-based Cameroonian Rolly Lambert Fogoum. At 33, Fogoum is 15-1 and the current WBC Asia titleholder.

On paper, it looks like a more challenging test than the 5-2 Bamba. Whatever happens, if Fury has any ambitions in the sport, he should be wiping the floor with both.

After a terrible year where more than one fight hit the skids for Fury, the brother of Tyson Fury needs to fight. Luckily for him and the organizers at Global Titans, Fogoum stepped in at the last minute.

Jake Paul and KSI

Jake Paul, who Fury was contracted to fight on two separate occasions, quickly fired barbs at his rival for another failure.

“Tommy Fury, you’re getting paid a lot of money to be a professional. But time and time again, you show that you’re not.

“Missed a fight because of ‘broken ribs.’ You missed a fight because you ‘missed a flight.’ And now you miss weight by seven pounds!”

“I feel sorry for Frank and George Warren and the Fury name,” he added.

YouTuber KSI, who is in the Middle East for the Coca-Cola Arena event, said: “Tommy fury is an absolute joke.”

Tommy Fury faces an uphill task to be taken seriously in the future if Bamba does spill the beans and it turns out to be his fault.

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