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Home » Mayweather believes Pacquiao’s Marquez KO ends best boxer row

Mayweather believes Pacquiao’s Marquez KO ends best boxer row

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Floyd Mayweather is in no doubt about who is the better boxer after pointing to a spectacular Manny Pacquiao knockout.

Mayweather used a Juan Manuel Marquez thunderbolt punch inflicted on his career rival when arguing his case regarding his all-time place in boxing.

Covering the fact he wasn’t considered the best welterweight of all time, an honor that went to Sugar Ray Leonard, Mayweather aired his views.

Unhappy at the suggestion that Leonard was better than him at 147 pounds, Mayweather cited fluctuating weights for his argument.

Pacquiao KO’d by Marquez

Mayweather believes he belongs at the helm, given that a prominent lightweight obliterated Pacquiao at a higher limit [Marquez] and that Leonard lost to Roberto Duran.

WBN agrees with him. Mayweather and Pacquiao are certainly the number one and two of all time – without question.

In probably no consolation, Floyd Mayweather has been named the best WBC lightweight champion in history. Although judging by Mayweather’s comments, the top spot at welterweight interested him the most.

To add insult to injury, Pacquiao also got named above Mayweather on the list.

“Someone sent me something on who is the best welterweight,” Mayweather told FightHype.

“When I sit back and look who is the best welterweight, they had Sugar Ray Leonard at number one.

“I had said before he was one of the guys that paved the way for me.

“But then, how could you have a guy ranked number one when his first loss was to a lightweight Roberto Duran?

“Then, they also talked about me facing Marquez. It was at a catchweight of 144.

“But this is the same guy, Marquez, who knocked out the number three ranked welterweight [in Pacquiao].

“They had Pacquiao ranked number three at welterweight. But he got knocked out by Juan Manuel Marquez.

“Are they trying to say that he was too small for me, but he wasn’t too small for Pacquiao?”

Floyd Mayweather on all-time rankings

Taking a dig at some of the leverage used in making a list, Mayweather concluded: “It’s crazy how all the ratings go nowadays.

“Of course, fighters are always going to say, I would have done this, I would have done that, and I should have been ranked here.

“But if you’re looking at these so-called boxing experts, you should really do your homework before you speak on certain subjects about boxing, I think.

“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What else can I say?”

The ‘Money’ Man was named WBN Fighter of the Decade from 2010 to 2020. Pacquiao took the honor from 2000 to 2010.

But if you consider a top twenty fighter list ever, Floyd Mayweather is one hundred percent in the shake-up for at least being the most outstanding defensive fighter ever to lace them up.

Pacquiao will also be in the conversation. Boxing was lucky to have both for as long as they were around – and during the same generation.

It’s a pity the 2015 encounter didn’t live up to the expectations of everyone around back then.

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