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Home » ‘Reformed lunatic’ Paulie Malignaggi in Devin Haney fist fight offer

‘Reformed lunatic’ Paulie Malignaggi in Devin Haney fist fight offer

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Paulie Malignaggi and undisputed Devin Haney got into it after the commentator clashed with the undisputed champion’s father.

The row began in a dispute with Bill Haney over an upcoming fight with Vasiliy Lomachenko. Malignaggi discusses Haney’s chances and believes Loma has too much in his locker for the American.

“You want to be $100,000 on Lomachenko taking a fight? – I mean, Lomachenko will beat your son’s a**,” said Malignaggi.

“You understand me? – You want to be a $100,000 on taking the fight? Bet $100,000 that your son wins the fight.

“Forget about taking the fight. Bet $100,000 that your son wins the fight.”

Paulie Malignaggi recognition

On the flip side, Devin says Malignaggi has never given him recognition in the sport, even since his days with Showtime.

“I’ll beat the f*** out Paulie in the ring, out the ring. I’d meet Paulie at 147, and we could fight! He’s been hating on me since day one!”

Malignaggi then posted a video on Paulie TV that started with the former boxer asking how trouble always seems to find him.

“The Magic Man” then added: “Devin Haney challenged me to a fight. Since when do boxers challenge reporters to a fight?

“I know I’m an ex-fighter, so maybe he looks at me a little differently.”

After stating he’s a reformed character but still “a nutty Italian from Bensonhurst [a notorious and predominantly Italian neighborhood in the 80s and 90s that is now housing the largest Chinese and Hong Kong immigrants in the USA] that turned his life around” – in what seemed to be a potential warning, Malignaggi admitted he “doesn’t have the legs to go ten or twelve rounds anymore. I can make 147 pounds.

“But I’m a lunatic. You’re going to fight me in the street. You’re going to fight me with gloves on.”

Devin Haney fight offer

Malignaggi then got down to the bare bones and made his offer.

“Bare-knuckle at 155 pounds. BYB Extreme [company Pauline fought with before]. The winner takes all because I’m nuts. I’m a lunatic!”

The two meeting in any bout is a near impossible task. Haney is tied to Top Rank. They would never allow him to break the contract and veer off to Malignaggi.

Plus, add to that the fact Malignaggi’s hands break every time he throws a solid punch, and therefore the whole event is ridiculous to imagine.

It’s fun to watch the back and forth, especially Paulie Malignaggi’s new YouTuber persona. It’s a far cry from his Showtime and Sky Sports days.

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