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Jake Paul heading back to celebrity boxing versus Andrew Tate

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Jake Paul is returning to celebrity boxing after reports of a deal to fight controversial reality TV star and ex-kickboxer Andrew Tate.

Paul is still yet to convince boxing fans that he’s a boxer despite six victories over primarily MMA fighters. Showtime Boxing is seemingly at a crossroads regarding its deal with the ex-Disney kid star.

Wins over Tyron Woodley [twice], Ben Askren, and even more recently, Anderson Silva have failed to set the boxing world alight.

Jake Paul’s boxing career

Last month, Paul dropped Silva with a right hand at the Desert Diamond Arena before seeing out a unanimous decision. The consensus is that the YouTuber fights a boxer or moves away from taking a real boxer’s spot on the platform.

Floyd Mayweather stated from Dubai that it’s over for him as soon as Paul faces a boxer with know-how. So maybe Paul will realize the game is up after half a dozen wins over boxing no-hopers.

Nate Diaz and Tommy Fury are options for his next outing. However, Tate went nose-to-nose with Paul at the Mayweather vs Deji fight week activities, and buzz from social media went into overdrive.

It’s no secret that Paul does have a future in boxing, just not professional boxing. His niche is the celebrity arena which he can do quite nicely in.

He’s got the money to form his own organization and can invent his belts to fight for. This is his area.

Andrew Tate

Therefore, facing Tate would be the way to go so that there are no more accusations of ‘playing boxing’ – as there are now.

Paul could restore his combat reputation by admitting he never really thought he’d become a world champion and that he’s come to the end of his professional road.

He’d gain far more respect for doing that than calling out any fighter way above his station. The haters and doubters are out in force when Paul blatantly states he can beat Canelo or David Benavidez when the truth is they would hurt him really badly.

His life would be in danger. That’s how serious it would be if he fought anyone of that nature in a fully-fledged bout.

Jake Paul needs an opponent in the ilk of Andrew Tate. That’s his level, and those are the foes he should be looking for right now.

The first fight in his celebrity boxing under Most Valuable Promotions would stop jaws flapping over his controversial stay in the sport.

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