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Thankfully, WBC makes the correct call, no ranking for Jake Paul

Jake Paul has failed to become the first ‘boxer’ to gain a WBC world ranking without ever fighting a professional boxer.

Paul, a YouTuber, looked on course to be named at a lengthy rating panel on November 8 at the 60th annual WBC Convention.

However, sense prevailed. Paul was never mentioned at 175 or 200 pounds.

But World Boxing News understands the wheels are in motion for Paul to get ranked in the light-heavyweight or cruiserweight division at some point in the future.

It’s an unfathomable turn of events that will shock bonafide boxing fans.

Luckily, it didn’t happen week as the WBC faced a barrage of questioning over their current rankings system. This extra time gives the WBC more opportunity to reconsider until Paul fights a real boxer.

How does any fighter gain entry into the WBC Top 40 with a celebrity boxing record against non-boxers?

Paul could do it, though. The WBC proved they are on board with his career. Therefore, they may jump at the chance if he beats Tommy Fury. That’s despite Fury not even being rated himself.

Paul hasn’t faced one recognized professional boxer in six bouts. His last effort against Anderson Silva came against a nearly 50-year-old MMA legend.

WBC President support

Nonetheless, WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman has praised the win and labeled anyone who disagrees with him about Paul as a ‘hater’ and ‘bitter.’

The vlogger has found favor with the organization. However, the ex-Disney child actor is unlikely to gain a rating with the IBF, WBO, or WBA.

It looks as though Sulaiman, a known supporter of Paul and close ally, sent the message as a clear indication of his support for the faux career of a pretender to the sport.

It will be a dark day for boxing if Jake Paul is named in the Top 40 at any point unless he beats somebody already on the list.

Respect for the World Boxing Council could diminish significantly, similar to the WBA when they ranked several fighters with close ties to their promoters.

For WBN – the WBC has always been the best and most influential boxing sanctioning body in the world. But throwing their considerable weight behind someone like Paul is dangerous to the sport. It will represent a massive step down the ladder for the WBC green and gold.

‘Bitter haters’

The WBC figurehead said: “After last night, whoever says Jake Paul is not a legit fighter is simply bitter and a hater.

“Congratulations on a sensational, entertaining win and a great show of sportsmanship. Fair play.”

It’s quite a remark from Sulaiman, as most real boxing fans won’t respect Paul until he fights a boxer. So far, wins over Tyron Woodley and Silva don’t represent a fair playing field for other contenders who fight real boxers.

In effect, Sulaiman has called a massive portion of the boxing community “bitter” and “haters” in one swoop.

The pair seem to have a love-in going on, which is about to come to a head. Paul replied: “Thank you, sir. We are just getting started.”

Maybe that’s the reason why Sulaiman posted as Paul does have millions of followers and millions of eyes on him. It’s good publicity for the WBC brand.

But in reality, Paul’s involvement in taking up the spaces of real boxers on a Pay Per View platform that was once the holy grail for any fighter is causing discontent in the sport.

Jake Paul’s career

The only viable reason for Sulaiman to make such as polarizing comment would be to validate their plans for a future spot.

Maybe if Paul had attended in Mexico, Sulaiman would have seen that as a real coup for his organization and ranked him. We’ll never know.

Before the Hasim Rahman Jr. fight got called off, Sulaiman had put the offer on the table for Paul.

He stated at the time: “Coming on August 6, Jake Paul will take on Hasim Rahman Jr. Winning this fight will earn him a World Boxing Council ranking.”

Now that Paul has defeated Silva, a 47-year-old UFC star who holds a victory over faded former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Sulaiman has the perfect excuse to add Paul to the WBC Top 40 in 2023.

Paul considers himself a boxing legend now that he’s defeated Silva via unanimous decision at the Desert Diamond Arena last Saturday night. That’s despite the fact Silva is a non-boxer.

That is some strange logic that doubters still can’t fathom.

Even the right hand he dropped Silva with is being questioned as to whether it even landed.

But it’s hard to work out how the facts can blind someone who has so much respect for the sport through his father.

Does Jake Paul deserve to be world ranked?

Jake Paul has not fought or beaten a boxer anywhere near the top forty. Therefore, how can he deserve a ranking?

On which division Paul will accept his rating, WBN believes Paul will boil down ten pounds to reach the title limit of 175 pounds.

Cruiserweight will bring more demanding challenges in Paul’s direction. He regularly weighs between 185 and 191 pounds, so 175 should be within reach.

However, 200 pounds remains possible until the official announcement gets made.

The wrecking ball champion at 175

Should he go in at around 30 to 40 in the light-heavyweight ratings – for instance – he’d face a mammoth challenge.

He could only be a couple of wins away from being able to land a voluntary shot at the current world champion.

At present, that’s Artur Beterbiev, the formidable Russian who has knocked out every single opponent in 18 fights.

Any bout between Beterbiev and Paul would be a massacre. Therefore, the rating could merely be a publicity stunt for both Paul and the WBC.

Nate Diaz is far more likely to be in the opposite corner next. To be possibly followed by another bunch of boxing no-hopers.


Tommy Fury would go some way to giving Paul credit, although that may not end well for the kid either.

The influencer trying to be a real boxer would go nowhere near Beterbiev, Canelo Alvarez, or David Benavidez. Or anyone else who would put him firmly and painfully in his place.

As soon he has his first fight against any boxer, the reality of what dangers the sport holds will dawn on him. It won’t be pretty.

Whether the WBC and its President should champion this when knowing the downside is up for debate.

Paul could be seriously injured if he continues to play boxing.

It’s a pity the sport’s top figures don’t realize their encouragement is giving the delusional prankster false hope.

WBN Editor Phil Jay has over ten years of boxing news experience. Follow WBN on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews, Instagram, and Twitter @worldboxingnews.