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Ohara Davies pokes Tony Bellew over Hillsborough five years later

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UK fighter Ohara Davies hit back at Tony Bellew five years after the pair got into over comments about the Hillsborough disaster.

Davies and Bellew exchanged words on social media when the ex-WBC cruiserweight champion checked “OD” for his apparent lack of understanding.

The row got worse with further statements by Davies over a national newspaper the Liverpool people boycotted in the wake of horrific reporting.

Ohara Davies’ statement on Hillsborough

In 2017, Davies released a statement after urging his followers to purchase the UK tabloid.

“Here is the last I will speak on the subject to which I sincerely apologize again to those I offended in my ignorance,” said Davies.

Some of the content read: “I was totally ignorant. Now I am still partly ignorant as I’ve read up what happened but am not yet totally sure what part the newspaper had to do with the 96 deaths [now 97].”

Promoter Eddie Hearn dropped him from a scheduled appearance and subsequently for the long term over the matter.

Bellew responded to Davies and his apology in separate tweets.

“So Ohara had no idea why Tommy Coyle doesn’t like the rag! I’ll be honest; I’d usually say “bol*****,” but seeing this much, I can believe this.

“Only thing I’ve got left to say is, “think before you type in the future.”

Tony Bellew blast

Bellew added: “Edward [Hearn] didn’t ask me to do a thing! He’s a little gobs**** who has zero brains!

“He’s an uneducated t**, and that’s why he doesn’t know about the 96! Now get back to your computer desk, you little helmet!”

Half a decade later, Davies decided to fire back at Bellew and dredged up the matter again.

“Or maybe I didn’t know about the 96 because I don’t follow football,” said Davies. “Also, because it happened before I was born.”

Tony Bellew Everton jibe

Davies poked the bear by aiming a shot at Tony Bellew’s beloved Everton Football Club.

“But what I know about football is that Everton is a crappy team. When was the last time they won the league?”

The renewal of the back and forth comes as Davies attempts to find a new promoter following the stalling of his career.

“As fighters, we have one career. Our managers and promotors will have many fighters, but we retire in our mid-30s.

“They keep managing and promoting until they drop dead. Put yourselves first and do whatever is right for you without waiting,” stated the Londoner before adding his hopes for new representation.

New promoter

“I’ve called [mu manager] Lee Eaton today to make initial contact with BOXXER and Frank Warren today. These are my first two choices.

“If nothing more than empty promises and words is materialized by Wednesday, I will also check out other promotions Stateside.”

In a final note on revisiting his more controversial Twitter conversation, Davies quoted his future intentions.

“Twitter is a platform of free speech. I will exercise my free speech without feeling pressured to filter or delete anything I tweet.”

However, Davies may be careful if he wants to ply his trade on Sky Sports or BT Sport in the coming months.

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