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Boxing world in shock at lack of protection for Aidos Yerbossynuly

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Reaction from the boxing world on the treatment and lack of protection afforded to Aidos Yerbossynuly is another hard pill for the sport to swallow.

Yerbossynuly, a 30-year-old undefeated Kazakh warrior, could not only lose his career  -but his life due to a horrific failure from those at ringside.

From round eight, the fight was out of the challenger’s reach as WBA secondary super-middleweight champion David Morrell Jr. cruised to victory.

So why didn’t someone react to make a real difference to this man’s chances of a full recovery? Yerbossynuly lies in an induced coma as doctors try frantically to relieve the pressure on his brain.

Aidos Yerbossynuly deserved better care

It was apparent late in the fight that he was struggling. Those who didn’t step in will have to deal with that for the rest of their lives.

Morrell, who helped Yerbossynuly to his feet as his corner stood motionless, is distraught at having caused catastrophic injuries to his Saturday night opponent.

“It is a great moment for me, but at the same time, super hard for others. Let’s pray for a super-fast recovery. Aidos, God bless you and be with you,” said Morrell.

Ray Flores, a notable ring announcer, commentator, and boxing host, aired his views on the events that a hard to digest in this day and age.

“In a prize fight, there are three different levels of safety which are put in place to protect the fighter. As Lou DiBella pointed out, and I said on commentary last night, all three did not do their job.

“Yerbossynuly took punishment he didn’t deserve. It angers and saddens me.”

‘Should never have happened’

Hall of Famer DiBella said: Just watched the Morrell fight and his thundering knockout of Yerbossynuly that never should have happened.

“Why have a referee, ringside doctor, or a corner – for that matter, if that kind of vicious, brain-damaging brutality is allowed to continue? [I am] Tired of boxing.”

He added: “Pray for Aidos Yerbossynuly. He needs our prayers and healing energy.

“This was foreseeable by the middle of last night’s fight, which was damn frightening to watch by the eighth round.”

A few other comments on social media resonated as boxing struggles to deal with a plummeting reputation.

“If boxing can’t find a way to intervene when incompetent referees and corners are failing to stop a contest, the sport shouldn’t continue.”

“We’ve had over a century to sort this out. Aidos Yerbossynuly deserved so much better. [Our] Thoughts are with his family and friends, said one.

Referee Tony Weeks

Another stated: “It was a completely unnecessary prolonged beating that took place yesterday.

“Everyone involved, from his corner to referee Tony Weeks, to the ringside physicians, should all be held accountable.

Tony Weeks and Kay Koroma should both be suspended indefinitely.

“They shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a boxing ring for a long time. There needs to be accountability taken for what happened last night.”

Words won’t change the cold hard struggle that Yerbossynuly faces in the next hours and days. It’s a sobering thought that yet another fighter could lose his life in the ring.

Let’s hope that Yerbossynuly can survive and grasp some sort of life moving forward. Otherwise, those who didn’t give him the care he deserved will forever hold shame for their part in another tragedy.

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