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Aidos Yerbossynuly in a coma as boxing goes from bad to worse

Aidos Yerbossynuly lays in a coma that many could have prevented if those around the ring stepped in early to save the fighter from David Morrell Jr.

The previously undefeated Kazakhstan challenger got defeated by the mid-rounds and could have been allowed to fight another day if his corner had acted.

However, referee Tony Weeks had a duty of care to Yerbossynuly from the eighth round and waited for another four rounds to do his job correctly.

On the back of big-name bouts not getting over the line, the Conor Benn and Eddie Hearn drug test scandal, YouTuber’s Pay Per Views bombing, and now this, it’s another uppercut to the jaw for the sport.

Rising phenom Morrell, Jr. did his job in the fight and was allowed to punish his opponent for far too long. He showed flashes of his superstar potential, bloodying and battering his mandatory for the WBA secondary title.

Aidos Yerbossynuly struggled

But in a further unfathomable act, Yerbossynuly didn’t even help their man to his corner when he couldn’t walk due to the knockout.

It was left to Morrell to take the struggling boxer to his hapless team.

Morrell spoke after the contest, but before anyone knew just how serious the situation would turn.

“Thank you to everybody, in Minnesota, for coming to support me,” said Morrell. “Thank you to my family, my team, everybody. I’m so excited, man.

“I told everyone at the press conference that the fight is mine. I saw he was hurt at that moment. Then the results came in, and that knockdown came.

“A knockout is a knockout, so if it’s in the eighth or 12th round, it’s a knockout anyway.”

Ahead 110-99 twice and 108-101 entering the final round, Morrell wasn’t satisfied with just winning on the scorecards.

He pressed to extend his four-fight KO streak and put an exclamation mark on his performance.

David Morrell gets an unnecessary KO

With just forty seconds left in the fight, Morrell did precisely that. The 24-year-old Cuban, who now lives and fights out of Minneapolis, dropped Yerbossynuly with a straight left hand followed by a right hook.

It was the second time in the round that Yerbossynuly was dropped after a straight left hand sent him to the canvas for the third time in his career.

In a fight where over 1,100 combined punches were thrown, the southpaw Morrell showed a diverse offensive arsenal. He also dazzled with his flashy footwork and defense, landing 39 percent of his punches and 47 percent of his power punches.

He landed 64 more jabs and 91 more power punches than the game Yerbossynuly, who showed both skills and guts.

Morrell’s 54 body punches landed was also a career-high.

“I don’t think anyone is scared of me; I respect everyone in this division,” added Morrell.

I do know they are aware of me. They know exactly who David Morrell Jr. is and that he’s coming for it all.

“I want David Benavidez, but I don’t care. I’m ready for everybody.”

Induced coma

Yerbossynuly was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center for evaluation. Doctors decided to induce a coma as the stricken puncher fought for his life.

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