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The exact moment Tyson Fury lost his cool vs True Geordie

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Tyson Fury sent out bad vibes as the boxer attempted to drum up support for a fight that has polarized British boxing.

Fury let his shield of armor down when a podcaster asked questions “The Gypsy King” didn’t want to answer.

Fury would have been well aware of the backlash from UK fans over his fight with Derek Chisora. The last thing he wanted was to be reminded bare-faced by someone as direct as True Geordie Brian Davis.

But from a couple of minutes into the interview, Fury looked annoyed. He got more irate the longer the chat progressed.

It’s no secret that Geordie had already aired his views in the public domain, similar to that of World Boxing News.

There’s no doubt that the WBC heavyweight champion would have known about the comments going into the interview.

True Geordie with the verbal jabs

With the verbal jabs from Davis beginning to land flush, Fury decided to go in directly with his thoughts.

He asked Geordie: “What is it you are getting at here?”

Davis responded: “You’re charging people Pay Per View, and you’ve already beaten him twice.”

Tyson fired back: “I also beat Deontay Wilder twice, and people still paid for it.”

After a bit more back and forth, Tyson tried to insinuate that Chisora is a heavyweight, so he has a chance in the fight.

Geordie replied: “He won’t put you down because he struggled so badly with you last time that the crowd was booing toward the end of the fight.”

Tyson Fury on the defensive

Having none of it, Fury said: “Styles makes fights, and Chisora has done what he’s got to do.

“No matter what you say or what people like you want to say about Derek Chisora, he’s achieved more in boxing, and fighting than ten men like you could ever achieve.

“So I’m not going just to let you sit here and slate somebody who’s fought the best fighters of this era just because he’s lost a few fights.”

Geordie returned again: “Derek Chisora is a legend, but he’s not good enough to fight you anymore.”

Fury defended his opponent a second time but inadvertently gave Geordie another opportunity to strike.

“He’s done a lot in this sport and deserves his payday. I’m willing to give it to him.”

Davis goes in for the kill

Geordie pounced on those words immediately.

“Is that was this about the payday for Chisora, and is this sorting you out an old mate a little bit?”

Fury got flustered and couldn’t think of an answer at this point. He eventually said: “Erm, not really. Chisora does what he does, and he fights people.

“He gets his wins, but he’s got more lives than a cat.”

Getting his wind back, Fury came up with a response due to the number of tickets promoter Frank Warren claims are sold for the December 3rd event at Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium.

Emotions running high for Tyson Fury

But by this time, Fury was clearly on the edge of his emotions.

“It is what it is. I’ll be fighting Chisora, and I look forward to it. If you don’t want to watch it, then please don’t, and if you do, tune in.

“And if you don’t want to buy a ticket, don’t buy a ticket. And if you do, be like the rest of the fifty-odd, -sixty-odd thousand that’s already bought tickets.

“I beg to differ with you because there have already been over sixty thousand tickets sold, so somebody is obviously interested in the fight.”

With something brewing, Geordie went in with a diffusing compliment.

“People are interested because you are great, and I don’t dispute that for a second, Tyson. But I’m just saying he’s lost fifty percent of his last fifteen fights.”

Fury responded: “You see where I’m coming from? I can’t let you, who’s probably never had a fight in your life, run Chisora down, who’s fought, everybody. I cannot let that happen.

“He’s fought at the world level. He’s also fought who’s now the unified heavyweight champion in Usyk and pushed him all the way. Somebody who can’t fight doesn’t do that.”

The knockout blow to Tyson Fury

With the volcano ready to erupt, Geordie ignited the explosion. WBN believes this is the exact moment Fury would lash out. It was the point of no return.

“I never said he [Chisora] can’t fight, though. What I am saying is with his record right now, he shouldn’t be getting a world title fight.

“There is a potential for people in boxing to get badly hurt if they are mismatched. I think this is a mismatch.”

Holding it together for another few seconds, Fury tried once more to explain himself.

“I don’t. I think it’s a heavyweight fight, and anything can happen. Don’t write Derek Chisora off because you’re only one punch away from victory or disaster.”

A final poke

Sealing his tongue-lashing, Geordie poked the bear one final time.

“If Chisora does it, I think the world will be happy for him, even you, and you’d be the one on the receiving end of it.”

Three, two, one, Geordie ended the interview, and Fury went off on his rant as he couldn’t work out how to end the chat on his phone.

Notoriety extended for Geordie, who merely asked the questions any average fan would want to know over this fight.

It’s not worth the paper they signed the contract on, and it’s certainly not a Pay Per View event. Fury had the opportunity to build on his impressive win over Dillian Whyte in April.

And indeed, after talks with former champion Anthony Joshua broke down for the third time.

Will it be a sellout? Who knows? – It’s now Thursday, almost two weeks after the sale began.

Many tickets remain available on regular and re-sale sites. Fans are speaking with their wallets.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

WBN Editor Phil Jay has over ten years of boxing news experience. Follow WBN on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews, Instagram, and Twitter @worldboxingnews.