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‘Legitimate boxer?’ – Tommy Fury hasn’t proven himself legit at all

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Tommy Fury should ask himself why Jake Paul wants to fight him before sending out messages as he did this week.

Jake Paul fights geriatric MMA fighters or targets boxers with significantly fewer skills than others. Therefore, Tommy Fury must consider the Paul aspect before shouting the odds.

Legitimate boxer

Speaking to the MMA hour, Fury said: “I don’t need to call out Jake Paul for this fight. I think you put a poll out there; who wants to see Jake Paul and me? It’s 100 percent yes.

“Everyone wants to see this fight because if Jake Paul and KSI didn’t have to fight me, they wouldn’t.

“They have to fight me to prove that they are legitimate boxers. They have to.

“There is nobody else with my following and my exposure with eight fights in. There’s nobody.

“So if they want to be regarded as a boxer, they must go through me.

“This fight between Jake and me does not need selling. I’m definitely going to take care of business next year, whether that’s in America or the UK.”

Tommy Fury record

Fury has fought eight times professionally. Only two had winning records, and he got taken the distance by both.

Three of the four knockouts he holds came against opponents who hadn’t registered a single victory. The other had a record of 2-26.

The most important question Fury should be asking of his career is, “am I a legitimate boxer?”

Without the Fury name and an appearance on UK trash TV, Tommy wouldn’t even be on anyone’s register. So how he’s in the position to make millions against Paul is a miracle.

He should be begging Paul for the fight. Because clearly, Paul could be his only meal ticket in the sport.

Once Fury proves he can win titles on the domestic scene, he may call any shot.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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