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Home » Jarrell Miller had no Tanzania bout despite poster, Vegas debut on

Jarrell Miller had no Tanzania bout despite poster, Vegas debut on

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Jarrell Miller was never fighting in Tanzania on November 4 despite his appearance on a poster and a penciled-in bout on a boxing record site.

According to reports for several weeks, “Big Baby” was slated to collide with ex-K1 contender Awadh Tamim at the Super Dome Arena in Dar-Es-Salaam.

Miller will not be participating in that show and had no intention of going to Tanzania. A press release had earlier promised Miller would travel.

“This is a great addition to the card and an example of what Global Boxing Stars is able to deliver. We are excited to collaborate with Miller’s promotional team in Dimitriy Salita, Greg Cohen, and LPMG Management so that Miller can get some action and get his career back on track.

“We urge Tanzanian fight fans to buy their tickets as this is a rare opportunity to witness an A-list heavyweight on East African soil,” said Jeremy Bean of Global Boxing Stars.

No Tanzania fight

That statement has since been denied.

The confirmation comes as World Boxing News learned that the US Heavyweight force could fight in Las Vegas before the end of the year.

A controversial boxing figure, Miller plans to stay busy with an appearance on the world-famous strip next month.

“Jarrell Miller got granted a 2022 Professional Boxers license which will expire at the end of the year,” the Nevada State Athletic Commission said in a statement.

The latest news comes after Miller fought against suspension from the sport in the wake of another drug test failure in 2020.

He spent two and a half years out of the ring trying to clear his name.

The 34-year-old was flagged for a banned substance ahead of a July 9 return two years ago. The GW1516 finding was the fifth prohibited drug in his system thus far during a career spanning more than a decade.

Jarrell Miller

Miller brushed off the uproar from fans, boxing personnel, and media. ‘Big Baby’ was always adamant he’s done nothing wrong.

Talk of a life exile was bandied around at the time. It failed to come to fruition, and the American puncher returned earlier this year.

Miller never believed such a long banishing was sufficient in his case. He even moved to call those who sought a suspension ‘fools.’

“GOD, Allah has a plan for us all. I never question the creator’s plan for my life,” said Miller when testing positive.

“I will remain strong and confident and continue moving forward on this challenging journey. One that I am definitely built for.

“To my family, team, friends, and fans. I thank you for your continued love and support through this tough time. I love you guys for genuinely standing with me.

“I’ve seen and heard several individuals calling for me to be banned from boxing. Such fools!

“I have a lot to say on that s—. But it’s a conversation that I’ll revisit at another time.”


Previously, Miller had revealed he would accept any forthcoming sanctions. That stance didn’t last long.

A shorter spell-out, like the six-month ranking ban given by the WBA when he tested positive for three substances before the Anthony Joshua bout, would undoubtedly have been acceptable to Miller.

“I’m prepared to accept my suspension. I’m willing to do my monthly testing duration for my suspension.

“But to be banned for life, no, you’re out of your mind because I did my due diligence,” he pointed out.

The first six-month ban or a four-year standard suspension eventually met in the middle at 30 months.

Top Rank boss Bob Arum signed him up as a possible opponent for Tyson Fury. However, Top Rank dropped Miller after his 2020 misdemeanor.

Jerry Forrest

Carlos Takam was drafted in to face Jerry Forrest in place of Miller.

Forrest spoke of Miller in an exclusive interview with World Boxing News.

He said: “I mean cheating, is cheating. At this point, Jarrell Miller is attempting murder,” Forrest told WBN.

“I say that we use our bodies because he is using illegal drugs in a sport. One punch can end our life cycle.

“So if he kills a man in the ring, is it an accident if he knowingly uses illegal drugs? The answer is simple for anyone. No!”

Jarrell Miller is well and truly back in the game. Promoter Dmitry Salita should announce Miller’s debut in Vegas in the coming days.

WBN Editor Phil Jay has over ten years of boxing news experience. Follow WBN on Facebook @officialworldboxingnews, Instagram, and Twitter @worldboxingnews.