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Five Surprising Benefits of Boxing Fitness

Boxing is one of the oldest martial arts in history as it has been practised since the time of ancient Greece and the original Olympic Games. Although the first players used to play this sport with the aim of directing the largest possible number of injuries to their opponents, with the development of the sport of boxing, this sport has turned from a random fighting game to a strategic game that requires neuromuscular coordination, mental presence, concentration, predicting the opponent’s movement, and the ability to Combine lightning offensive moves and quickly return to defence.

Apart from professional boxing arenas, amateurs can also practice boxing to get a better body, maintain their weight, strengthen their muscles, and perform general physical conditioning. However, boxing for fitness still provides many of the benefits inherent in boxing. Recently, the interest in boxing has increased dramatically as it has become one of the favourite celebrity sports on Instagram as everyone is looking for a lean fighting shape.

Boxing exercises involve movement and footwork to avoid punches and direct punches. The player can perform the exercises alone using heavy bags or accompanied by his coach using concentration gloves. Moreover, it is now possible to perform boxing virtually via virtual reality games and motion sensors.

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In this article, we will provide you with the most prominent benefits that you can get if you start boxing exercises today.

Improve Heart Health

It is known that all physical sports improve heart health because it stimulates blood circulation and forces the heart to pump more blood and because boxing is a form of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) it can push your body beyond its limits and withstand intense bouts of high and repetitive activity. According to many studies, high-intensity intermittent boxing exercises have been associated with a significantly lower risk of heart disease.

Helps Lose Weight

This point is closely related to the previous benefit; By performing boxing exercises on a daily basis, you will put in a lot of effort and thus lose more weight. Many studies have proven that high-intensity boxing exercises significantly reduce the level of body fat and improve the overall performance of the body 10x more than brisk walking.

For example, a person weighing 80 kilos can burn 600 calories in just 60 minutes. Your calorie burn can increase depending on the intensity of your exercise as well as whether you routinely compete with someone else or hit a sack.

Usually, in real confrontation conditions, the player burns a lot more calories than they can burn during normal exercises. If you are afraid of getting injured or if you are still a beginner, you can play virtual boxing instead.

Enhances the Strength of the Whole Body

Unfortunately, many believe that the power of the punch comes from the arm and shoulder muscles, but this is absolutely not true, if you watch a boxing match in slow motion, you will know that a large part of the punching power involves the entire body. To make it clearer, imagine that you are throwing a very strong punch but you suddenly get unbalanced and the blow will not be delivered at all. Therefore, the effect of boxing exercises is not only reflected in the arms and not even the upper body but the entire body. This is why a lot of celebrities on Instagram consider boxing a full-body workout.

Helps Build Athletic Muscles

Many beginners think that strengthening the muscles is possible only by weight lifting, but this is not true at all, as all sports that require strong and regular movement can strengthen the muscles in a short period of 3-6 months. Here we are not talking about the muscles of the arm or the shoulder only, but we are talking about all the muscles of the body in general.

Improve Balance

Boxing contains intense movements. However, these movements must be as precise and accurate as if it were an arrow. Note that if a boxer throws a lot of wrong punches, his energy and enthusiasm will decrease and this will give his opponent a wide room to deliver stronger punches in return. Moreover, boxing requires the development of reactive movement strategies so that the boxer can predict the next blow from the movement of his opponent’s body.

Since boxing exercises have a positive effect on the lower body, they help improve the balance characteristics of the trainees. In fact, many studies have found that boxing aids recovery in people who have had motor paralysis or stroke.

Although boxing and other extreme sports have been accused of being the primary cause of Parkinson’s disease (which Muhammad Ali suffered in his last days), studies have found that boxing exercises can aid recovery from the disease, reduce the risk of falls and improve balance scores.

Reduce Stress

Boxing helps reduce stress and eliminate negative energy even if you are not fighting another boxer and only punching a bag or a glove. It works like a charm – it takes negative energy out of you and gives you a sense of contentment and comfort. There is a lot of research that has concluded a shift in moods among people who practice boxing. With reduced stress, a boxer can get better and deeper sleep and thus wake up easily and start the day actively.

Increase Self-Confidence

As a result of reducing weight, enhancing the body’s physical strength and getting rid of negative energy, the boxer’s mood will be at its best, and his confidence in himself and his abilities will rise. This feature can be especially useful for school students who may be bullied or fight with their peers, in which case self-confidence plays a big role in self-defense and protection.


In the end, it should be noted that boxing training is different from professional boxing. Boxing training includes a safe simulation of the sport of boxing and can also be practiced without a mouthguard, headgear and other protective equipment. Boxing is often combined with other lighter sports activities such as gymnastics or jumping rope. Boxing can help you get a better body, improve heart health, lose weight, enhance body strength, strengthen muscles, improve balance, and increase self-confidence.