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Conor Benn suspension not guaranteed, Doctor urged to speak

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Due to the relinquishing of his British Boxing license, Conor Benn could escape suspension for two failed drug tests, World Boxing News understands.

The tests, one dating back three months, as father Nigel Benn stated before correcting himself to “three weeks,” were ratified with trace amounts of the same drug.

Benn gave up his UK paperwork last week and had since vowed never to fight under the jurisdiction of the BBBofC.

Will Conor Benn get a ban for failed drug tests?

This outcome means any future ban would be obsolete, and Benn is free to go overseas to get his sanction to box. Furthermore, UKAD – the body that usually hands out punishments, are powerless in this instance as “The Destroyer” didn’t fail any of their tests.

WBN determined that Benn could escape a ban. The recommendation from VADA would only be actionable by the World Boxing Council at this point.

Even if the WBC does give the British welterweight a ban, which is certainly not set in stone, Benn would still be able to apply his trade outside the organization’s scope.

It would only be UKAD that could fully put Benn out of action. But even then, there are options to get around that possible happening.

Regarding VADA – the body that uncovered the adverse findings in two separate samples – they do not handle the adjudication of results.

Drug test results

Adjudication is left to the commissions and sanctioning bodies. VADA always gives the results of their tests to the athlete, promoters, commission, sanctioning bodies involved, and the ABC.

The Chris Eubank Jr. fight had no major sanctioning bodies involved. However, Benn was ranked by the WBC and engaged in their Clean Boxing Program.

They are well within their rights to suspend Benn from the ratings for a certain period. Also, to make recommendations elsewhere – for instance – to UKAD.

We know that the World Boxing Council President Mauricio Sulaiman was informed of Benn’s test failures, as was promoter Eddie Hearn.

The Association of Boxing Commissions would also get the relevant information. So they could act as far as Benn fighting in the United States.

British Boxing Board of Control chief Robert Smith is known to be delving deeper into the situation. As of right now, he is holding Benn to account publicly.

Their stance pushed Benn fully out of favor with the public. He then accused the Board of bias and “having it in for him.”

Dr. Usman Sajjad

But what about the doctor who worked in camp with Benn? – Dr. Usman Sajjad reportedly came under investigation early in October, according to UK media reports.

So far, no information is forthcoming on Sajjad’s role. He did post several times on social media regarding working with Benn.

In another twist, he made shocking statements about boxers doping in a podcast interview.

He also removed his website and social accounts on the day Benn’s test failures became public. It’s another potentially damning action.

Fans want “Dr. Uz” to explain his role in Benn’s team. To divulge what knowledge, if any, he had about what the fighter was ingesting.

At the moment, it’s hard to see who can punish Benn. Only the boxer is stating he won’t fight until he clears his name.

Benn saw a catchweight fight with middleweight Eubank Jr. called off at the last minute due to the Board removing their backing.

Without that move, the event at the O2 Arena in London on Saturday, October 8, could have gone ahead without problems.

Also, the failed test got revealed through an unnamed whistleblower. Again, without this, the fight could have happened.

It’s no secret that Hearn and Benn could have sought a license outside of the UK to ensure the Pay Per View bout took place.

Conor Benn is trying to clear his name

Hearn decided against the move. Benn is now intent on trying to clear his name.

It must be noted that a significant percentage of the British public is skeptical at this point. That scenario becomes clear if you look at the sheer extent of social trolling against Benn.

He faces a tough fight. But getting in the ring again could prove a lot more straightforward unless UKAD or the WBC acts.

A suspension doesn’t look to be on the cards from either of those with the ultimate power to banish the Londoner.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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